Woody Harrelson on Being Vegan and a Mentor to Young Han Solo

Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

Woody Harrelson has been a favorite actor of mine since his earlier years when he played the controversial Larry Flynt in 1997’s The People vs. Larry Flynt which he earned his first Oscar nomination. Of course, his role as Roy Munson in Kingpin will always have a special place in my heart. I’m sure my husband has watched it at least a hundred times! However, my absolute favorite Woody masterpiece is True Detective which he produced and acted in himself. You may also know Woody from such greats as the popular television series Cheers (1985-1993) or movies such as White Men Can’t Jump (1992), Natural Born Killers (1994), and The Hunger Games (2012-2015). On the big screen now you’ll watch him as he plays Beckett in Solo: A Star Wars Story as a mentor of the young Han Solo.

Getting the Part as Beckett

Woody had been in London already shooting Lost in London which he wrote and directed himself. He was actually ready to go home since he’d been telling his family he would for quite some time. And then they approached him about acting in the new Star Wars movie. How could he turn that down? However, after he finishes the press junkets for this movie he definitely taking time off spending some time in Europe and  then making his way back home to Maui in August or so.

Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

Creating a Legacy

Woody really wants his legacy to be simple. He wants more of a smiling type of legacy instead of a frowning type. He really wants people to think of him and laugh which is definitely what I create in my own mind.

Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

Remembering Star Wars

Woody actually remembers seeing the first Star Wars movie that come out in 1977 which was a really big deal at the time. Everyone was all about Star Wars. It was a sensation! He remembered going to see it and thinking about how it was so original and different from anything else. Of course, Harrison Ford was wonderful for everyone!

Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

Woody’s Mentor

Woody has a home in Los Angeles, not far from Jack Nicholson. Woody would go over to Jack’s home quite often to sit and reason. They would talk and Jack would always give a lot of cool advice.

Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

Woody’s Life Hack

I love that Woody always seems so happy and wanted to know if there’s a secret to his smile or if he had any great Woody Harrelson life hacks. Of course, he laughed and said he feels like he’s a pretty genuinely happy person. He definitely seems so happy which is why I asked the question!

It all boils down to gratitude. Woody is very grateful for the life has been given. He feels like all of them that do movies or write about movies are breathing a bit of a rarified air. He feels really lucky because there was a point in which he had given up early on.

I hadn’t even gotten a job yet and I was just like, I can’t do it. And I don’t know how to crack it. So yeah, gratitude. Life hack. It’s a new word.
– Woody Harrelson

Woody’s Character Beckett

Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

Woody’s character, Beckett, isn’t always as chummy as he could be. He’s a survivor who really does have this image of life of wanting to be done with a life of criminality and ultimately, just be living on a remote planet somewhere.

Working with Alden

Woody really loved working with Alden Ehrenreich (young Han Solo). He was just an awesome guy and a very hard worker. They would have these humungous sets with little spots that were like cloth rooms. They all had their little cubicles with Alden’s next to Woody’s and Alden would be taking piano lessons or reading a novel. Woody would be next to him playing Speed Chess online and he’d look at Alden and be like ‘what the hell.’ Of course, laughter filled the room.

Woody really admired Alden’s work ethic and the way he cultivated himself as a human. He’s an extraordinary guy.

Woody on Being Vegan

It was so interesting to find out that Woody has been a vegan for years. His story is quite incredible! When he was 23 years old or so he sat next to a lady, he didn’t know, on a bus headed to Oklahoma City, or somewhere. Woody had a lot of acne and mucus blowing his nose a lot at the time. The lady just looked at him and said he was lactose intolerant. Woody looked at her and said, ‘say what?’

The lady explained to him that he needed to quit eating dairy. She went on to tell him that if he stopped consuming dairy that within three days all the symptoms like the mucus and acne would go away.

Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

Woody remembered having all the mucus problems and acne for as long as he could remember. Something about the way she communicated with him made him believe her. Within that three days there was hundreds of times that he could have gotten dairy in one form or another but he didn’t. Within the three 3 days of not consuming dairy everything cleared up. His skin cleared up and he stopped constantly blowing his nose. That was the beginning of a real revolution for him. From then on he became a vegan.

Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

Woody went on to read books on what the lady had explained to him. A few of his favorites are books from the early 1900’s by Arnold Eric called “The Mucusless Diet” and “Rational Eating” which Jack Nicholson had mentioned to him. Arnold Eric has an unusual style of writing which Woody really liked.

Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

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Woody Harrelson Star Wars interview

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