Pet Health: 3 Silent Dog Killers

Losing a pet is one of the hardest things that we can go through as humans, which is why it’s so important to keep them as safe and healthy as we can.  Not only that but keeping your pet safe and healthy will give them a better life as well.  Pets, as you probably know, become a part of the family for most people.  They aren’t just pets, but they are an integral part of the family.  That’s probably why losing a pet is so difficult.

If you’re interested in getting a dog from  you should be aware of the top silent diseases and illnesses that can hurt your dog.

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Heartworm Disease

Heartworm Disease is one of the top silent killers of both dogs and cats.  Its a slow and dangerous disease which will eventually incapacitate them.  Its considered a silent killer because, by the time an owner notices any signs of the disease, chances are it’s too late.

If you have the state of mind in thinking that your pet could never have or would never get Heartwork Disease; think again!  Hurricane Katrina is a good instance of this.  Over 250,000 pets were infected with heartworms and they were shipped off to be adopted.  The people that purchased these animals might have never known that their animal was infected with the disease!

The American Heartworm Society suggests a Think 12 mentality.  You should get your pet tested every 12 months for the disease and you should be giving your pet a heartworm preventative every 12 months.

As of right now in 2017, heartworm disease has affected all of the states in the USA.

With Heartworm Disease it can affect the heart, lungs, and blood vessels which can lead to heart failure, damage to other organs and lung disease.  Dogs are the most common host for Heartworm Disease though.

Some common symptoms of Heartworm Disease include; mild coughing, decreased appetite, lack of play time, weight loss, fatigue, disinterest, etc.

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Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease is considered to be the second silent killer in dogs.  Symptoms of Kidney Disease can take months, even years to start showing up.  Unfortunately, by the time Kidney Disease takes over your dog’s health, it might be too late.  As of right now, there is no cure for Kidney Disease, but one of the more common symptoms is a UTI – if your dog has a UTI it’s a good idea to take them to the vet immediately so they can be checked out.

Symptoms also include; frequent trips outside or accidents inside, blood in the urine, the dog drinking more water, loss of appetite and weight loss.

High Blood Pressure

You wouldn’t think that a dog could get High Blood Pressure but they can!  When it comes to High Blood Pressure it mostly affects their kidney, heart, eyes and even their brain.  Hypertension can even lead to blindness down the line and High Blood Pressure can lead to other even more serious diseases such as kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and Cushing’s Disease.

While most of these diseases do not have a cure, the best way to keep the diseases and illnesses away is to try and prevent them before they ever have a chance of happening.

– Make sure that you use a Heartworm Prevention product.  There are many different products on the market right now, but in order to find a good one for your dog, talk to your vet.

– To prevent kidney failure in your dog you should consider all of the preventable causes – one of the biggest causes of kidney failure is being exposed to toxins.

– All dogs should have a vet that you can take your dog to when you have problems but in order to prevent illnesses and disease its an even better idea to have a vet that you take your dog to for regular appointments.

– Lastly, dogs need a life of eating healthy foods and exercising daily in order to keep bad health at bay.

Your dog can also develop seasonal allergies. There are many options out there for dogs with seasonal allergies like Apoquel for Dogs. If you want to have your dog for a long time its important that you take care of them properly, and also make sure that you buy your pet from a qualified breeder or a store.

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