Anyone for Some Free Stuff? The Unexpected Treasure Troves of the Internet

By now, we’re all familiar with the old adage “You don’t get something for nothing.” To be fair, it does pay to double and sometimes even triple check nowadays just to make sure that there aren’t any hidden snaggles with regards to what you’re about to purchase. However, the origins of this proverb date back to somewhere around the 1845 mark when the world wide web was but a mere distant dream and in the present day, it’s certainly possible to find things for free if you scour the internet or the app store hard enough. Whilst it’s true that this does take a great deal of patience and determination, fear not – we’ve done some of the legwork for you and below is a brief guide on some of the most pleasantly surprisingly places where you can acquire something for absolutely nothing.

Birthday Treats for Nothing

If you’re at the stage where every passing birthday feels like another nail in the coffin of your biological clock then you should definitely consider consoling yourself with all the free stuff that you can acquire simply because of your advancing years. There are currently a number of companies which will provide you with a birthday treat if you’re signed up to their newsletter or rewards scheme so depending on whether you’re after a free disc rental or a free latte, Starbucks and Redbox DVD rentals could well be your ticket to free stuff. We do of course understand that some people are averse to giving their details out altogether so if you turn up at Denny’s or Cracker Barrel with your ID to prove it’s your birthday then you can score a free grand slam breakfast or free desert respectively. Or both. It is your special day after all.

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Free Gaming Experiences

It may seem patently obvious but the internet is still without a doubt the biggest source of free games and contrary to popular belief, the fact that these games cost nothing doesn’t detract from their overall quality whatsoever. Online gaming distributor Origins is currently offering the game-of-the-year edition their hugely popular Plant vs Zombies game platformer for free so if battling the undead is something that takes your fancy then you know what to do. In addition to this, there are a number of free online slot games from sites such as Hippodrome, who offer a number of free spins to new and existing players which certainly come in handy when playing some of their trickier slot games including Immortal Romance and 108 Heroes. If you’re a gamer then you’re probably more than aware of the free games available from online platform Steam including War Thunder and Dota 2, the latter of which is only second in popularity to League of Legends when it comes to the rapidly expanding world of eGaming.

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Sharing Is Caring

With Christmas looming and everyone getting in the giving mood, it’s also possible to receive free stuff from others whilst sending this goodwill forward. For those with eyes which are often bigger than their appetites, LeftoverSwap is a fantastically innovative app which allows users to share their leftover food with strangers – after all, it’s better than throwing it in the trash right? To stick with the theme of giving for a second, sites such as and Mbabane are also a fantastic way to help those in need. Your job is to simply answer general-knowledge questions and for every correct answer, the aforementioned websites will donate 10 grains of rice or 3 beans to charity. Whilst you don’t technically receive any free stuff for doing this, someone else is benefiting massively and you’re likely to get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve made a difference. Win win!

This is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

If you’re looking for something specific that hasn’t been mentioned then don’t worry – this is certainly not an exhaustive list by any means and there are plenty of others free goodies out there. With classified advertisement sites such as Craiglist featuring whole sections dedicated to people giving stuff away for free, you’re bound to find that piece of furniture you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the term free has become pretty loaded in recent times with all the hidden charges and terms and conditions which are conveniently written at the bottom of most pages in a font which even ants would struggle to read. Thankfully, there are still companies out there which are offering genuinely free stuff so as long as you check everything out thoroughly, you’re bound to score an absolute bargain sooner or later. However, this does require a some good old-fashioned grit, determination and persistence so if you don’t find anything that tickles your fancy straight away, don’t give up – your dream freebie could be just around the corner.

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