Visit Your Local Gun Range to Take Advantage of These Incredible Health Benefits

For those who have never visited a gun range – it’s easy to think of it as a place of little benefit unless you’re a gun fanatic. However, while practicing aim and getting comfortable with various firing devices is a big part of why they’re there, they do also offer many other benefits when it comes to health – some of which are outlined below.

visiting gun range

Improve Your Physical Balance
Holding a gun requires a good posture, otherwise you’re not going to be able to shoot a barn door. Standing still with a good posture can help exercise the abdominal muscles, and that is important when it comes to distributing weight evenly over your front and back. This ultimately increases balance and it means your lower back is relieved from extra pressure. Back pain is a problem for many Americans every day, so visiting the gun range could well be the answer.

Relieve That Stress
It’s a fact – firing a gun can help relieve stress. Why? Because it helps you concentrate on that exact moment in time rather than all the worries around you. Nothing else comes into play other than your posture and your focus on the target itself.

Boost Your Confidence
It’s not easy visiting the gun range for the first time, especially for someone that lacks confidence anyway. However, if you do have the chance to fire away, it’ll make you feel powerful and it could provide you with the confidence boost you need to tackle other day to day tasks that you wouldn’t usually feel comfortable undertaking.

Improve Eye Health
Most Americans sit behind computers and other devices throughout the day which can strain the eyes. It’s important you give your eyes a regular rest by focusing on objects further away. It will keep your eyes fresh and it’ll make you feel less tired – which could help you undertake other tasks easily when you’re away from the gun range.

Strengthen Your Upper Body
Not only does a good posture help build abdominal muscles which, in turn, relieves stress on the lower back. Aiming and firing a gun also helps build strength in the upper body muscles like triceps and biceps. It’s hard to gain control of the kickback of a gun at first, but as your upper body muscles strengthen, you’ll find guns are much easier to handle.

Become an Adrenalin Seeker
The gun range provides a sudden rush of adrenalin and there are multiple health benefits for that reason. For a start, adrenalin boosts brain power so thinking straight is much easier. Secondly, adrenalin can help boost the immune system.

It’s clear that visiting the gun range isn’t all about getting your aim right. It’s about improving your upper body strength, increasing confidence and giving you the ability to look without straining your eyes. With that being said, if you do only opt for the gun range to improve yourself mentally and physically, you may even find that you love it so much you take it up as a hobby, too!

Melanie Kampman

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