The Truth About Using Keratin for Your Hair

We all want our hair looking Hollywood movie set ready most days but let’s be honest, sometimes it just has a mind of its own. If we broke down what it meant to have hair like the stars what we’re really talking about is bouncy body, luscious volume, and a flawless appearance without breaks or split ends. While some of us are blessed with the perfect genetic composition for such hair, is there a way for the rest of the ladies to have their hair looking great without an actress’ salary?

keratin hair

If you tallied up all the money you’ve spent on hair care products and their various promises in your lifetime, you might come up with a number close to what Demi Moore makes in a year. It’s hard to find something that actually works, and information on the internet never seems to agree on which one is actually going to give you the results without doing lasting damage. Well, have you heard about using products that feature Keratin for hair?


If you already know what keratin is, feel free to skip ahead to the next section. Keratin is a fibrous protein that is found naturally right inside the main structural makeup of our hair, and nails as well. In the world of hair maintenance, it is infused into the hair via a product to strengthen the hair and improve its overall appearance.

How Does It Work

Keratin treatments are something you can get at the salon or do yourself at home with shampoos, conditioners, and other treatment products. This Keratin amino complex in the product penetrates the hair to naturally thicken each strand while repairing the outer protective layer. That means there’s two benefits in one without any added chemicals often found in gimmicky treatments.

Since your hair is naturally producing Keratin to keep itself growing, giving it an extra boost of the protein will help anyone with thin or limp hair see a visible improvement in both their volume and body. Meanwhile, the added layer of protection works against and repairs split ends, frizz, and breakage while giving the hair a radiant shine. Whether you’re looking to end the days of thin, limp hair or to finally have a healthy glow, Keratin is going to make a noticeable difference.

​Is It Safe?

One of the biggest concerns on the internet today is whether or not the Keratin straightening treatments we can get at a good salon are safe or not. They have been found to contain a chemical known as formalin that, when treated with heat above 450 degrees, can turn back into the cancer causing formaldehyde. It is important to differentiate between these Keratin treatments and products that contain Keratin, though.

While the salon treatment is up for debate, no one is arguing that a shampoo or conditioner with added Keratin is anything but beneficial for your hair being that it is already naturally occurring in our hair to begin with. That means no formalin or any other ridiculous chemical the FDA, for whatever reason, allows in smaller doses. So, if you’re wondering about the safety of in-home use Keratin products then take a sigh of relief, they’re safe!

​Keratin for Hair

keratin hair

We all want luscious, bouncing, radiant, Hollywood starlet hair without having to spend a fortune on a personal hairstylist from France. Thankfully, those of us with thin hair and those of us who are just fine with our hair can all benefit from the wonderful protein Keratin. Let’s go over those main benefits one more time:

  • Natural strengthening of the core fibers
  • Added protection against breaks and split ends
  • Boosts volume, body, and shine
  • Eliminates frizz

All in all, you can’t go wrong with treating your hair to a little extra Keratin protein!​

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