Stay in touch with loved ones

Stay in touch
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Stay in touch with loved ones

When you travel around the world you leave family and friends behind. Keeping in touch with your loved ones might feel like an obligation. But at the same time you love to hear from them. So what can you do? In this digital world there are many ways to stay connected. This can be done via old and new ways, let’s discuss some of them.

The old fashioned way

An old school way to stay in touch with your loved ones, is to send each other postcards. It can be a card of your location or your best photo. Personally I still really like receiving a card. Another old (and easy) way is to call, text and mail your family. This can be done through your phone. Sending an email can also be done in an internet cafe. If you choose to call or text, it might be wise to take a (cheap) prepaid phone with you. This way you are in control of your expenses. You can easily top up your prepaid credit online at

The new fashioned way

Nowadays, there are a lot of other options for connecting with someone when you are abroad. First of all, you can choose to communicate via social media. Social Media is quick and easy to use. Post a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep your family and friends updated. For example: you can share your location or planning. This can be done with pictures, texts and check-ins.

Sometimes you want more personal contact with your loved ones, there are several apps that make this possible. The best example for is Skype. This app makes it possible to see and talk to each other at the same time. If you don’t like this option, you can also use WhatsApp or Snapchat. The greatest benefit of both apps is the fact that you can communicate fast at every moment you like.

Are the above-mentioned options not original enough for you and are you looking for more creative ways to stay in contact? How about music? This might seem crazy, but it’s a fact that music brings back memories and can put you in specific moods. Let your family and friends hear music you’re listening to by sending them songs or sharing them on Social Media. Another option is to capture daily moments and not only the ‘big things’ like your birthday or an amazing party you’re attending. Make them part of your everyday life. Yet another option is to do activities together, like cooking or watching television. It will feel like they are close to you.

Of course, there are various other ways to stay in contact, but if you never tried all the ones we’ve mentioned – just try them. We also love it if you share your favorite ways to stay connected when traveling.

Stay in touch with loved ones

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  1. Great information. I speak with my mom, sister and brother daily. We text each other or speak on the phone. Family is so important

  2. Yay for post cards! Those are so much fun to get at gift shops on the highway. 😀

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