Stay Clog-Free this Holiday Season with Charmin and ROTO-ROOTER

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Charmin and ROTO-ROOTERStay Clog-Free this Holiday Season with Charmin and ROTO-ROOTER

The holiday season is upon us and for most it’s the busiest time of year. How do you keep your home clog-free through the holiday season? Did you know that consumers that buy Charmin ensure their plumbing will stay clog-free through the holiday season? I have used Charmin for years and absolutely love their Ultra Soft Mega Rolls. They are my absolute favorite and I just can’t  won’t use anything else! I refuse!

Charmin sent me a couple of packages of toilet paper – Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong.

Charmin and ROTO-ROOTER

We don’t normally get clogged drains here until the winter time. It has nothing to do with my extra soft Charmin toilet paper but the fact that our pipes actually drain in our pasture and they are usually clogged with snow and ice. Yeah, it’s gross. I usually send my husband with the shovel to eliminate the problem! haha! If you’ve ever had clogged drains I am sure you’ve heard of ROTO-ROOTER, America’s largest provider of plumbing & drain services. Charmin and ROTO-ROOTER have joined forces this again this year to remind consumers of the clog-free and septic-safe guarantee that only comes with Charmin. Did you know that ROTO-ROOTER plumbers recommend Charmin more than any other brand? Charmin has ROTO-ROOTER’s stamp of approval to be clog-free and septic-safe.

For more than 70 years, Charmin has been trusted in millions of Americans’ homes! When I think of Charmin I think of the comfort of their toilet tissue and how I won’t use anything else. When you think of Charmin what comes to mind?

Don’t put a damper on your parties this holiday season. A clogged toilet will do just that! Be sure you’re using Charmin! I put a damper on our drains when I was little but it was due to a dixie cup and not the Charmin toilet paper. Do you have a funny or embarrassing clogged drain story?

Charmin offers a variety of toilet paper to suit your entire families needs. We always opt for Charmin Ultra Soft. What’s your favorite? I absolutely love the mega rolls! No one else in my house seems to know how to add a new roll when the other is out so the mega rolls last much longer! With Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong you can use up to 4X less toilet tissue! I make much less trips to the store to replenish my favorite toilet paper.

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  1. I will have to recommend Charmin to my customers where I work. I wasn’t aware it had the septic-safe guarantee.

  2. I didn’t know that Charmin was better for the septic than other brands. We have a problem with one of our toilets and it’s been a bone of contention in our house. My husband will not allow chemicals to be poured down it for fear of really screwing up our old septic.

  3. I have never liked Charmin. It leaves everything around the roll so dusty. Plus, it leaves those dusty fibers in my crack, lol. It’s one of those pet peeves in life, Charmin!

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