Spring Fondant Flower in Dirt Pudding

Spring Fondant Flower

You can create any shape you like with fondant! It is so amazing! I love using it to create fun desserts for birthdays, celebrations or the seasons. Try this cute spring fondant flower in dirt pudding. It’s perfect for any spring or summer celebration. Make several of them and line down the center of your table top. Get creative! Kids will have a lot of fun enjoying these cute treats.

Total Time: 2.5 hrs | Yields: 8 Flower Pots

Dirt Pudding Ingredients

Spring Fondant Flower

Fondant Flower Ingredients

Spring Fondant Flower


  • Silicone Pot Mold
  • Baking Rods/Wooden Sticks
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Green Food Coloring (Gel)
  • Fondant Ball Rod


Using electric mixer, combine pudding mix and milk. Add butter, powdered sugar, and cream cheese. Mix on medium to high speed until evenly distributed. Set aside.

Spring Fondant Flower

Crush Oreo cookies into small pieces. Add handful of crushed Oreos into bottom of each silicone pot mold. Layer with pudding mixture. Continue to alternate until full.

Dirt Pudding

Place in refrigerator for 20-40 minutes.

Using a thin paintbrush, cover wooden baking rods with green food coloring gel. Place in refrigerator for 1 hour to speed drying process.

Spring Fondant Flower

Roll out a thin layer of pink fondant.

Spring Fondant Flower

Use small spoons as petal templates.

Spring Fondant Flower

Peel petals from spoons. Add petals, one by one, to stem (dried green wooden rod) and fold backward slightly. Use a touch of water (mixed with corn starch) to hold petals together. Allow each petal a few minutes to dry before adding additional petals.

Spring Fondant Flower

Optional (you can also use pink fondant for this step): Pinch off 3 tiny pieces of yellow fondant per flower. Roll gently until long and thin. Add a touch of water (mixed with corn starch) to bottoms and place inside each flower.

Roll out a thin layer of green fondant. Using a knife, cut out long, thin leaves.

Spring Fondant Flower

Gently press leaves to create curves.

Stick flower into each silicone pot mold, in the middle of the dirt pudding.

Gently insert leaves. Serve and enjoy.

Spring Fondant Flower

Spring Fondant Flower in Dirt Pudding

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  1. These turned out so cute. I have been wanting to try my hand at fondant, but I have always heard it was so rough to handle but you made it look so easy!

  2. WOW! This is amazing. I really am in awe of the creativity that went into creating this dessert. KUDOS to you! And I look forward to trying this myself! 🙂

  3. We used to make a recipe called mud pies which is like the recipe above! Yummy!! The flower is cute!

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