Sharing a Flat with a Girlfriend: Pros and Cons

Moving together is one of the significant stages of loving relationships. When you are rather acquainted with each other and understand that you can and want to live together, the time has come to decide if you are ready for this step. We are willing to help you with this important decision. Beautiful girls from Maria Dating told us about their experience of leaving with men. Now, we are going to reveal some pros and cons of sharing an apartment with a woman! Hope it will help you decide.


  1. You will always be together with your beloved woman. You no longer need to take a long ride to the other side of the city to see your girlfriend! She is right here, waiting for you to come back home and caress her. Sharing apartments with your girlfriend saves a reasonable amount of time and, likewise, money. However, it does not mean and you can stop initiating dates. Bear in mind that romance is important for relationships and should not be neglected!
  2. You will have someone to take care of. You might suggest mama-style taking care of someone is more of a girl’s thing. However, we assume that an instinctive need to be carrying and responsible for someone is an inherent feature of any human being regardless of gender. You can cook her tasteful meals, take care of her when she is ill and so on. This feature can also demonstrate what kind of parents can both of you make, which is quite important in case if you want to start a family.
  3. She will take care of you. Yes, you can reasonably expect for the reciprocal reaction from your girlfriend. We are assured that you are a mature man and can do everything by yourself; nonetheless, such phenomenon as the female touch can make your everyday life incomparably better. Note: girls are often keen on housekeeping, but it does not mean that you should enslave her and force to do cleaning-coking-grocery stuff all alone. Just as the apartment, home duties should be shared in a thoughtful ratio.
Sharing a Flat
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  1. You have to get rid of bachelor habits. You probably had some of those, for instance – throwing crazy parties, staying up all night working or watching movies etc. Sharing a living space with a girl enforces you to change the flow. No, it does not mean that life with a girlfriend is dull and boring. What you actually need is to discuss everything in advance. In such way, you demonstrate your appreciation and mutual respect, which are integrant characteristics of healthy relationships.
  2. She is always somewhere around. Every situation has a flipside. The reverse of living with a girlfriend is that you no longer have 100% personal space. Of course, both of you respect partner’s right for the spare time and individual space, but having a total freedom in your own apartment is no longer available. We assume it is a great examine of your love. It will reveal the existence or the absence of your readiness to spend the whole long life together.
  3. You have to accept her habits and behavioral patterns. Another important test for your feelings – you have to take her as she is without trying hard to change her. She likes cherry and everything smells of cherry now? Deal with it. You both like to sleep on the left side of the bed? She is a girl, let her do so. As a matter of fact, you girlfriend should demonstrate her commitment by changing her life if something about it really bothers you. In the end, leaving together must be a pleasure, not a war. Both of you should be involved in building a healthy atmosphere inside your home. It takes endeavor but it is worth a try.

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