Safe as Houses: Keeping Your Home Safe, Secure and Healthy

More accidents happen at home than anywhere else, but not only can your own house be a health hazard but there are other things that can go wrong too, Is your home as safe as it could be? When we spend so much time making our homes beautiful to look at, it’s crucial not to overlook the safety and practical side of things too. Here are a few safety features you could consider adding to your property.

Protect Against Floods and Fires

Winter is the most likely time you will experience a burst pipe due to the cold fluctuating temperature and frozen pipes expanding and contracting. There’s not much you can do about the cold weather, but there are ways you can protect your pipes. You could have them insulated with foam, or choose a product which controls the temperature. Burst pipes lead to flood damage. Fires in the home are less common but can be even more devastating. Starting from anything from electrical faults to cigarettes to cooking- have a range of different fire extinguishers in the home and know when to use each one. For example, water extinguishers can be used on things like soft furnishings but are dangerous on electrical fires or burning cooking fat. Foam is useful for wood and flammable liquids so handy in the shed, but not for electrical or kitchen fires. Dry powder can be used on lots of different fires with the exception of cooking fat. Chip pan or oil fires should be extinguished with a fire blanket.

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Think About Home Security

A home alarm is always a worthwhile investment, you will of course want to keep your family and possessions safe from home invasions and burglars. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be in a risky area for theft you never know, burglars can target for all kinds of reasons. Installing a decent CCTV system which captures clear footage day and night will act as both a way to deter criminals and also provide evidence if you need it. There are some other tricks you can use to keep your home safe too. Setting up smart lighting which you can control through an app means you can turn lights on and off from your phone making your property look occupied even when it isn’t and you’re away from home.

Put Together A Well Stocked First Aid Kit

Taking precautions when you’re cutting food, cooking, decorating and DIYing will help to minimise your risk of getting injured at home. But accidents can happen and it’s important to have a well-stocked first aid kit at home just in case. As well as medicines for minor ailments from heartburn to headaches, it should also contain everything you need to patch up more serious injuries too. Gauze and bandages, for example, could help to keep severe bleeding and wounds clean while you seek medical attention.

Are you safety conscious at home? Or is this something you need to work on?

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  1. I love your tips and pointers on keeping home safe and secure. I loved the sound advice and this will really come in handy for keeping my family well and prote3cted.

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