Old Spice Smellcome to Manhood, Celebrity Interview Andrea Rosen

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Old Spice Refresh Body Spray

Old Spice Smellcome to Manhood

Help us end the overspraying epidemic with Old Spice Innovative Re-fresh Body Spray as we spread the word, “Smellcome to Manhood”. My son is nearly nine years old and already interested in deodorant and body sprays. He loves being like Dad and mimicking him in the bathroom. He also has a bad habit of overspraying. So, we are spreading the word and helping moms everywhere end this overspraying epidemic. We even had the chance to interview celebrity mom and comedian, Andrea Rosen, star of NickMom’s Take Me To Your Mother who has partnered with Old Spice to help spread the word.

Andrea has a two-year-old son, Odin. She was such a pleasure to speak to and interview about why she’s excited to be working with Old Spice. Here are some of the questions I asked with her responses.

Can you tell us what you’re doing with Old Spice today?


I’ve been hired to be the Mom Ambassador for Old Spice and educated us on how boys turn into men with the help of Old Spice.

The much buzzed-about Old Spice “Momsong” ad shows what happens when moms realize their sons are growing up. Since you have a young son, do you think you’ll react this same way?


Yes, I would absolutely react the same way as the women in the “Momsong” video.

Have you ever personally experienced someone who has oversprayed before?


I remember my older brother turning into a man and am petrified thinking about my son turning into a man.

What does it mean to you when you hear “Scent Responsibly”? Why did you want to join this mission with Old Spice?


Scent Responsibly – It’s just not attractive when men smell like in overspraying. Women are taught by their moms to just spray a little perfume and it’s harder for men. It’s like when you are eating spicy and you bite into it. It ends up being much spicier. It’s just like overspraying because you may not think you have but everyone else can smell you.

I believe in the cause and raising a great man. I want to teach my son to be confident and just spray a little instead of overspraying.

What’s coming up for the new season of Take Me To Your Mother?


My son is becoming a jock and I have taught myself the rules of football.

Will your son use Old Spice?


Of course I hope he uses it but I’ll let him decide for himself if he wants to use it.

Do you have a funny story of someone you know that is guilt of overspraying?

Overspraying can be such a huge issue. It always seems like to be it’s the same people that are guilty of such a terrible thing. I think it is so important to teach our young men that a little goes a long way. Teach them to “Scent Responsibly” so we can end this overspraying epidemic once and for all. One Spray Lasts All Day with the new Old Spice Re-fresh Body Sprays that offer the Re-fresh Technology.

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  1. I’ve always liked old spice, and raised 3 boys and started them out on it also, and will be introducing my grandson to it soon as well.

  2. their commercials are so funny. i like terry crews and not the mom one. they are hilarious. i also like and use the products as well. thanks.

  3. My little Papaw always wore Old Spice…any time I smell it on someone I want to hug them. 🙂

  4. I like the smell of Old Spice, but this new ad campaign is odd. Wish they’d bring back that smokin’ hot Isaiah Mustafa.

  5. I liked the commercials and Old Spice is a product that my Dad and nephew have been using for years. I love the smell of Old Spice, and it makes a great deodorant.

  6. I love Old Spice cannot smell it without thinking of my dad, I still have a bottle of his Old Spice on the mantle in the den and he has been gone for almost 16 years, but I smell it and remember him, I remember when my boys were growing up they are all married and have kids of their own now, that they would get hung up on different scents and would try to put way to much on and I would have to remind them to mist lightly. There are some people who need to learn about light sprays who use perfume also

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