New Year’s Eve Party To Remember In 2015

Happy New Year’s, everyone – a wonderful 2015 wished upon you and yours! May all of your goals be accomplished and all of your dreams be imagined. Travel far and wide to find yourself, but don’t forget to turn around every so often to take a peek at your journey. It will all be worth it in the long haul. This is your year.

As I sat down to ponder my New Year’s Eve I imagined sparkles and confetti – lots of confetti. But after giving myself a swift kick in the bum I settled on metallic – I would go gold, silver and the ever so cohesive black.

Party City was lovely enough to supply us with all of the NYE-themed décor. Bless their hearts. I am sure someone came in last minute searching for my scores – like the $3 clearance set that included a formal tie, silver horn-rimmed eyeglasses, party hat, blow horn, necklace beads, and party pin.

Party City New Year’s Eve Party Supplies

NYE 2015 Party Favors ALL - 01

Our dark wooden dining table was decorated with white dining plates, proper silverware, a woods-themed light-up centerpiece tree surrounded in garland, gold champagne glasses, and 2015 eyewear.

NYE 2015 Liquor and Plate Close Up ALL - 01

The 5-foot light-up tree over yonder held a ‘Happy New Year’s” top hat – perfect for the occasion. The light glistened off of its rim. Non-helium balloons filled the trunk. And yes – I did feel a bit dizzy after blowing up all 15 balloons.

A tiny golden glittered top hat with ‘Happy New Year’s” adorned my precious doggy. He did not feel the need to wear it for longer than 2 seconds, though. What a shame…

NYE 2015 Duke Top Hat - 01

Chateau St. Michelle 2012 Merlot, Lamarca Prosecco Champagne, and Baileys Original Irish Cream accompanied the table. This trio is perfect for satisfying guests that may have varying taste. Remember, variety is king!

Chateau St. Michelle
Lamarca Prosecco
Baileys Original Irish Cream 

To begin, we served appetizers of fresh sliced mozzarella and tomato, (dashed with a bit of olive oil, black pepper, salt) and sautéed brussel sprouts. This will encourage a bit of dining conversation and add color to your tablescape. Add a smear of cheese and toasted bread for good measure = a satisfied guest. By the time you get to the main course your invitees will be full of appetizers and good wine – you could char everything at this point and I doubt they would notice (well… they definitely wouldn’t say anything).

NYE 2015 Table - 01

Morning after tip: the Lamarca Prosecco Champagne can also be used for brunch (served as a mimosa, just add fresh squeezed orange juice) on New Year’s Day.

All of my guests were given a unique blow horn, 2015 glasses and a celebratory hat. One minute until the New Years we began our countdown. More champagne was poured and horns were blown. 5-4-3-2-1 —- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

This year, gaze into your bathroom mirror and give yourself a nod. Cheers to a satisfying New Year with many goals fulfilled and surpassed!

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