Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Wouldn’t it be great to have a #CleanFreeWeekend? Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle can give us just that… a clean free weekend! Be sure to check out Mr. Clean’s New Liquid Muscle Cleaner Review. These products are simply amazing and make for little to no elbow grease!

We’ve taken some of your tips and tricks you gave us on our Mr. Clean review and shown them in a video of us actually putting the product to work. I tried to not clean these areas for a few days so you could see just how nasty they can get and how great the product works.

Here’s some of the great tips you gave us!

Dina said:

My shower and tub is so hard to clean! The tiles get dirty after a a few days. Mr. Clean always rescues me from grime! I try to clean the tub at least once a week so the grime doesn’t get out of control!

Christina said:

I bet pairing this with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser would work fabulously!

We had lots of great suggestions on using the Magic Eraser. I love that Mr. Clean product as well. It’s a great quick cleaning product for those pesky stains.

AnnaZed said:

I could use this stuff on the dreaded 
A R E A A R O U N D T H E B A S E O F T H E T O I L E T (horrors)
I hate cleaning there and not being sure if I did a good enough job.

I couldn’t agree more with AnnaZed. The bathroom, especially the toilet, is my least favorite place to clean.

Carla said:

I havent gotten to try the new Mr.Clean but so wanting to in the lemon scent, i have used Mr.Clean for many years from cleaning antiques to toilets..and it works well on each and everything I clean..Thanks for a great product.

Clean antiques? Who knew? Great suggestion!

Favorite Cleaning Tips from Fans

Slehan said:

My cleaning tip is to put on loud dance music and keep moving while you clean.

Jennifer said:

Let someone else clean for you!

Easier said then done, Jennifer! lol

Watch our video below to see some of these great tips and tricks in action! Plus, you’ll get to see just how amazing Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle really is at cleaning those tough stains!

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  1. I am going to try this on my bathtub and shower! It looks amazingly easy to come off!

  2. I do rescue & always have a house full, kittens, puppies, dogs, & cats. As you might imagine, it’s difficult to keep a clean house(floor)with so many animals. I use Mr. Clean & a sponge mop, easy as pie.

  3. I love Mr. Clean products and have been using them for years. One of my absolute favorites is the Magic Eraser. After reading the review for the gel I will definitely be picking some up at the store this week to try. I’m sure that I will love it as much as I do the other Mr. Clean products.


  4. I love using Mr. Clean magic erasers, especially when my kids colored on my walls. Took the stuff right off though.

  5. Thank you so much for the cleaning tips and tricks. I could always use some little tricks to help clean my kids’ messes! I love Mr. Clean, especially Magic Erasers, they make life so much easier.

    I’ve also used the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, I love it and makes everything smell clean and fresh!

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