Junior Explorers Welcome Kit Unboxing

Junior Explorers Review

Junior Explorers Welcome Kit Unboxing

Remember me telling you about this amazing subscription service for kids, Junior Explorers, just a few weeks ago? It’s part of our holiday gift guide this year! We received our welcome kit and we were so excited to learn more about this great company. My son loves everything about nature and science so this was the perfect fit for him. We love it so much that we will be continuing our subscription. It’s a great for your kids to the explore an ecosystem and its species by going on a fun new mission every month.

Junior Explorers has been featured in Today.com’s holiday gift guide for kids! Be sure to check out our holiday gift guide too!

Here’s my son unboxing his Junior Explorers welcome kit for the first time – see his excitement?!?

So what’s in the box? My son first noticed fun water bottle. He takes a water bottle to school every day and quickly informed me that this would be his new one for school. After that he was very excited to find the collectible pin and official wristband. We had to stop our video so he could immediately put both of these on. He loved them!

Junior Explorers Giveaway

Do not throw about your box that your welcome kit arrives in. It will become your children’s Junior Explorers trunk which they can decorate with the sticker sheet provided. My son has since decorated his trunk more with other things. We’ll share that with you in our next video! Oh, and don’t miss your welcome letter on the back of your sticker sheet. It contains a code for your children to continue their mission online. So much fun!

You’ll also receive a filed guide that will teach you all about the biomes and animals on your map. Yes, there’s a map too! It’s the biomes of the world map where you can learn with your children all about animals and ecosystems. It’s large and would be great to frame for your children’s wall in their room.

Your children will also have fun with the temporary tattoos and Junior Explorer ID card. The ID card was a big deal to my son! It apparently unlocks a whole new adult world for him. haha!

Be sure to check out Junior Explorers! We will be unboxing our mission kit for our second month in a new video soon! This is the perfect gift for your children to open up on Christmas morning. They can learn at home while having fun!

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Connect with Junior Explorers

Online: http://www.juniorexplorers.com

Be sure to like Junior Explorers on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juniorexplorersclub

Follow on Twitter: @juniorexplorers

Junior Explorers

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  1. i think my kids would really get a kick out of this. learning with all the goodies would be fun for them

  2. I think my nephews would really like to get this box. Lots of things to keep them occupied and learning while having fun.

  3. You have no idea how much my son would love this! I had no idea it even existed. He loves exploring and hunting for “clues” and fossils. Thanks for the great gift idea!

  4. Thank you for all of the giveaways. I’ve enjoyed looking at the products and reviews along the way, and I have gotten some delicious recipes too.

  5. This would be a fabulous gift for my son because he loves exploring and discovering things. Thanks for the idea!

  6. This is so cool! My dad got me a subscription to a club sort of like this when I was a kid and I just loved it! Thanks for the review!

  7. This is something my grandson would love! I love the idea of a subscription club for him gives him something to look forward to each box.

  8. A great way to learn and I bet the kids really anticipate each box coming in the mail. Justifies mom’s beauty box subscription and I’m sure they will come up with the manly box subscriptions too!

  9. This looks so cool for children…it kind of reminds me of a where in the world game I had as a kid.

  10. Thats really nice. Gosh he is getting big! I remember some of the first Bandit appearances! My nephew would love this

    ellen beck

  11. Nice review! Thank you for providing such a complete review including not only a video and pics but linkys to.

  12. I’ve never heard of this and this is a great idea. Great educational box. Each month is new and it’s exciting.

  13. My friend receives these for her son.He’s always so excited when it arrives ,never knowng what goodies he will be finding.I think this is a wonderful idea and great for learning,and creativity.Thanks for the Junior Explorers welcome kit review.

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