How to Pack the Perfect Cold Lunch


How to Pack the Perfect Cold Lunch

If you pack lunches for yourself or your kids then you have probably dealt with ice, coolers, and a big mess at some point. I’ve tried lunch boxes, bags, ice packs and nothing ever seems to give me less stress or mess. I have finally found the perfect solution to my problem: iCOOLer. With it I have learned how to pack the perfect cold lunch. It is great for back-to-school students!

iCOOLer is the perfect way to keep your homemade meals fresh especially to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Packing your own lunch can also be much more cost effective. It can get expensive eating out every day. Feel good that you’re helping efforts to improve the environment by reducing waste. No more paper bags!iCOOLer

Here’s my tips on how to pack the perfect cold lunch:

  1. No need for ice or mess when using the iCOOLer. It has an innovative cooling system; a patented design that has permanent, non-toxic freezable gel packs built into all six sides of the lining. Be sure you place your iCOOLer in the freezer overnight so it’s ready to go the next morning. All you have to do is add your lunch!
  2. If you want your food cold, start with cold food. If you’re packing a sandwich, be sure the bread is cold so it will stay that way throughout the day. I find it helpful to make sandwiches up the night before and let them stay in the fridge overnight.
  3. Freeze drinks. Obviously you don’t want to put a can of pop in the freezer but you can a bottle of water. It will thaw out through the day by lunchtime but still be cold. Be sure you pack it in a zip lock bag or sock so when it thaws you don’t have water or moisture on everything.
  4. Ice pack. With the iCOOLer there’s no need for an additional ice pack but if you’re cooler isn’t equipped with these you definitely will need to add one.

I absolutely love the iCOOLer and highly suggest it for back-to-school students or parents. It keeps food and beverages cold and fresh for up to 8 hours without the use of ice packs. I love that it is made of a sturdy, stylish material.How to Pack Cold Lunches

My husband took it on to an all-day event a few weeks ago and said he could even fit 8 beers in it! He was very excited and said it was great at keeping them cold throughout the day. We have an extra freezer in our garage where we keep our iCOOLer so it’s always ice cold when we need it!


With iCOOLer, insulated lunch bags, you can eat what you want, when you want, where you want and it is always fresh.

How to Pack the Perfect Cold Lunch

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  1. I am always worrying about packing certain foods because of food safety issues.I had food poisoning once and it was awful! You really do have to be careful.

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