How To Organize A Pool Party For Your Kids

How To Organize A Pool Party For Your Kids
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There are kids parties and then there are kids parties that are organized in and around your swimming pool. The water element adds a new dimension to the whole idea of having fun. This is because adding water into any game makes it awesome. If you are already in the habit of organizing weekly parties at your home to get all your friends and family members pumped up and rejuvenated for the upcoming week, then you can bring in some serious variation with a kids pool party.

With every new dimension that you add to your party, there comes an additional responsibility. Because water is part of the equation there are some additions that you can make to your party plan to make it more, memorable and also allow for some impressive party photos and videos.

The best thing about a pool party is that you only need to include some beach balls and some music to get the party started.

Preparing The Pool

All parties start with preparation. With a pool party you have to start by preparing the pool. There is the basic hygiene portion of preparing the pool. Depending on how much of a do-it-yourself person you are, you can choose to take care of the pool yourself. Alternatively, you could simply place a call with the pool maintenance service to prepare the pool for the upcoming kid’s party. This is an essential activity because like it or not, water is a fantastic carrier of disease causing germs. So, a clean pool is essential.

Once you have taken care of the basics, the next and definitely the more interesting aspect of a pool party preparation is preparing it for the party.

Enhance Your Pool

One idea that we like the most when it comes to pool parties is to make the pool like it is a beach. Think of beach and you are thinking of sun, palm trees and hot sun. The hot sun is not under your control, except to hope that you organize the party during day time and hope the sun smiles upon your party. If you really want the sun, it may not be farfetched to check the weather prediction sites or the weather channel and time the party day to the day when the sun is brightest.

The next challenge is to get the palm trees. We are not the only ones who are thinking of getting some palm trees next to our pool. A lot of people do that and that is why you can get these tiny, miniaturized and potted palm trees and arrange them around your pool. If you are planning to have pool parties all the time, then you could plant some palm trees in your garden surrounding the pool for a more permanent and natural effect.

The palm trees and the hot sun are only half the cause for an almost authentic beach experience. To further cement this wonderful illusion that you are at the beach and not in your backyard, go a little further and build your own sand pile next to the pool. You could designate a section next to your pool as the sand area and build a sand reserve. You could make it as big and as small as you want.

The last thing to add and complete this sandy picture is to add some beach stones in and around the stand. With that small improvement, you have a nice backyard pool that is close to a beach you can possibly prepare.

Pool Gear And Safety

This is a pool party and that means all the party participants should bring their pool wear. In the heat of arranging everything you may forget to mention that it is a pool party in the invitation. Don’t make this mistake or you will have a lot of people standing on the sidelines and hate the party because they had no clue that they were supposed to bring swimwear with them.

We have a lot of kids and their parents and a whole bunch of people playing in and around the pool. That means, you will have to designate yourself and at least a couple of other adults to be on pool watch. At the beach, you have lifeguards and since this is your backyard pool, someone has to take up this important responsibility. Ensure that you pick a group of individuals who are known to not slack off when given responsibilities. Don’t get someone who is easily distracted because this is a safety issue.

The author is something of a pro when it comes to organizing kids parties. His next mission is to arrange a great football party for the kids.

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  1. This is a super idea! My daughter and son-in-law just had a pool installed, so this would be great fun for my grandson’s birthday in August! 🙂

  2. Too bad we cant have a pool party in December for my daughter lol. But i would definitely have one for fun. Ive never had a pool party or gone to one, so this would be a new experience.

  3. I love the idea of adding the palm trees and the sand to really create a tropical feel for the party really great ideas and I will be checking the weather as well in advance thanks

  4. Thanks for the great article! My son turns 4 in July and we are going to decide this weekend what kind of party to have for him…he wants pool but we aren’t sure yet. Good tips! Thanks!

  5. We have several of beach balls, a net for volley ball in the pool, a few floats for lounging, underwater games for the kids, and lights for night time that make the water glow. These make the pool a whole lot of fun.

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