6 Tips on How to Host an Easter Party for Kids

How to Host an Easter Party for KidsHow to Host an Easter Party for Kids

Do you enjoy getting together with family and friends to celebrate Easter? We love having a big party on Easter! From years of experience and watching my Mom be an awesome party planner, I’ve put together tips on how to host an Easter party for kids. Making your Easter celebration perfect for your kids is most important!How to Host an Easter Party for Kids

1. Food and Drinks. We always have a pot luck style buffet. Everyone brings a dish so we can be sure to have enough food for our large parties. We always have lots of families and friends so the more food and drinks the better. You’ll want to be sure to have some simple food dishes for the kids and plenty of finger foods. Here’s some great tips

  • Use a cooler to store ice, juice boxes, pop and other drinks for the kids.
  • Have guests that are in charge of bringing ice, drinks, plates, utensils, etc. It lessens your work load x 10!
  • Use warming buffets and trays to keep food warm.
  • Save the candy and favors for the Easter egg hunt!Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Sandwich

Here’s some great recipe suggestions for your next Easter party for kids:

2. Party Crafts. Have something for the kids to do while waiting for the Easter egg hunt. My son gets very stir crazy so anything to keep him busy works. Have all the kids bring their baseball gloves and they can play a fun game of baseball while they wait. Or, set up a volleyball net or place to play horseshoes. Have plenty of games for the kids to play to keep them busy and having fun!How to Host an Easter Party for Kids

3. Table Decor. Keep the decor simple. Be sure to have something fun on the tables for the kids to play with keeping them busy. A great idea is to use paper for table clothes. Lay lots of crayons around and the kids can stay busy drawing on the paper. How to Host an Easter Party for Kids

4. Easter Egg Hunt. Your party favors can be part of the Easter egg hunt. The older kids usually hide all of the Easter eggs while others are eating so the kids don’t know they are being hidden. We like to hide them outdoors. I honestly think we hide hundreds of eggs! The kids always have a lot of fun seeing who can find the most eggs during the hunt. Fill the eggs with candy, coins and other fun favors.How to Host an Easter Party for Kids

5. Easter Bunny. No Easter party is complete without the Easter bunny! Get a fun grown up to dress up in an Easter bunny costume. We enjoy lots of costumes with fun Easter music. A conga line is always formed when the Easter bunny comes out and the kids enjoy dancing to the music! Make it fun for them!Easter Hat Contest

6. Easter Games. We always enjoy fun games during the Easter party for kids. One that is a lot of fun is a contest making Easter hats. They get very creative! Another idea is to decorate Easter eggs and have a contest for the most unique.

What unique things do you do when you host an Easter party for kids? Share your ideas!

How to Host an Easter Party for Kids

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  1. I love these ideas, especially about having one dressed as the Easter bunny and being a fun person. Also liked the comment about the simple decor. Having Easter music playing sounds like lots of fun and of course, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt.

  2. I like the active games and activities like the Easter Egg hunt. Gets them up and moving, away from their electronics!

  3. I love this! never thought iof having an EASTER party but iits a cool idea! love the ice cream sandwich ideas…..

  4. This is awesome! You basically just gave me everything I need to know to plan the best Easter party. Love the idea for the popcorn gifts. This is going to be so fun!

  5. I love the idea with crafting for a Easter party and making sure they have games to play, and the treats to make look yummy!

  6. The hard part is getting any adult to be the Easter Bunny!! I like the popcorn gift ideas alot! The best game of all for any Easter Party is the egg hunt, of course.

  7. Your Easter party sounds like a blast! Can I come to it? I love all your ideas to keep the little rascals busy and entertained!!

  8. Growing up we didn’t have Easter parties. Our family didn’t have much and it wasn’t really in our culture. These look fun though. 🙂

    Diana C

  9. We never had Easter Parties when I was growing up. Now that I have a daughter of my own, its a fun, new tradition I would like to start.

  10. I never liked Easter, but the other day find myself decorating eggs! What the maternity do! Haha

  11. I can’t wait to try the frozen yogurt ice cream sandwiches, I have picky eaters and we’re trying to switch the food to show healthy choices can’t taste good too

  12. READ THIS at the right time –grand kids on the way over to have a easter night party..thanks

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