How NOT to Handle a Car Accident

How NOT to Handle a Car Accident
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Unless you’re practicing for a demolition derby, or attempting some kind of insurance fraud, I’m sure that you don’t want to be involved in a car crash. However, as careful as we try to be, these things happen. Whether you got away unscathed or broke a bone, whether it was a careless driver or a freak mechanical issue, here are some of the big don’ts following a car crash.

Leave the Scene

How NOT to Handle a Car Accident
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So, you’ve had a very minor collision, the damage is negligible, and no one seems to have sustained any injuries. Naturally, you may think that it’s fine to drive away, but this certainly isn’t the case. Regardless of how severe the crash seems, you always need to stop, check the other driver, exchange the relevant insurance information and report the crash to law enforcement. Fail to do this, and you’ve technically committed a crime. Furthermore, if someone is injured, you have a legal obligation to give them all the assistance you can, including driving them to hospital if it’s necessary. If you get involved in a wreck, be sure to do your due diligence and help the other people involved if necessary.

Get Angry

How NOT to Handle a Car Accident
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You don’t need to be in a car crash to know that they’re not pleasant experiences. In the immediate aftermath, your emotions are going to be rushing, which will be even worse if you get injured. Despite how you feel, it’s essential that you refrain from losing your cool, especially when communicating with the other driver. Ask any car accident attorney, and they’ll tell you that getting angry after a car crash is one of the worst things you can do. When approaching the other driver involved, the first thing you should say is “are you alright?”. Don’t start laying the blame on them or calling them things which I can’t publish here! It may feel good to vent like this, but it will only aggravate the situation and make it harder to settle in an orderly, sensible way. Stay in the car if necessary, take a few deep breaths, and make sure you’re in a calm, collected state of mind before you get out and speak to the other driver.

Neglect the Documentation

How NOT to Handle a Car Accident
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So, you haven’t left the scene of the crash, you’ve called the police, and you’ve managed to talk to the other driver without becoming a raging, unreasonable jerk. What’s left? Aside from organizing the support you’ll need in the aftermath, it’s important to make sure you get all the right insurance information from the other diver, and properly document the wreck. What were you doing before the crash happened? What street were you on, and which direction were you going in? When did the other driver become involved? You may need to tell this story several times to different parties, so it’s important to remember all the details and take notes if necessary.

How NOT to Handle a Car Accident
By Dino Kužnik from Ljubljana, Slovenia (Flickr Uploaded by Sporti) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

While I certainly hope that none of you are involved in a car accident, keeping these don’ts in mind could pay off in the future.

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