Don’t Leave It Till January: Life Changing Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Right Now

The days are getting shorter and colder and for most of us this is an excuse to start writing checks that our bodies won’t be cashing until January. Boozy Christmas party with work? Why not, I can always clean up my act come New Year’s. Box of chocolates doing the rounds at work? Why not, I can always eat healthy come New Year’s! Belt busting Christmas dinner on the cards? Why not, I can always keep an eye on my calories come New Year’s! The trouble is that the more damage you do to your body now, the harder it will be to reverse it all when January rolls around. By making the right lifestyle choices now, we can have a happy and healthy holiday season without having to endure a hangover of a month in January.

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Giving up cigarettes

While it’s fairly common knowledge that nicotine is an addictive substance, few of us are fully aware of just how potently addictive it is. Each puff of a cigarette brings a shot of nicotine directly into the brain. This gives a brief feeling of relaxation and wellbeing, that very quickly becomes addictive. It’s important to remember that each and every drag on a cigarette reinforces that addiction. Thus, even continuing your usual cigarette consumption until the New Year can make it that much harder to quit when the time comes. Make a start now by substituting your cigarettes with vaping products from Ecigwizard. You’ll be much better placed to kick the habit in 2018.

Cutting down on caffeine

‘Tis the season of the super sugary, seasonally themes latte! But despite the ubiquity of Starbucks’ red and green hued paper cups, there are many reasons why reducing your caffeine intake is a good idea. Caffeine can exacerbate existing issues with anxiety and depression as well as contributing to high blood pressure, increased heart rate and insomnia. Try substituting your regular coffee for a decaf and you’ll likely start to feel cranky and irritable as withdrawal kicks in. Start now and you’ll have a nice, rosy outlook free of withdrawal headaches come the new year!

Keep the calories coming, but cut back on the empty calories

While festive gluttony may be the norm at this time of year, it’s much easier than you might think to eat healthily at Christmas. There’s no need to load your plate with cholesterol saturated meat and gravy or carcinogenic mini sausages. More and more people are embracing a Christmas dinner loaded with veggies and vegan alternatives to roasted meat like nut roasts. These will give you a satisfying meal that’s rich in nutrients (yes, including protein) that’s guilt free and won’t take a month on the treadmill to recover from.

Get active, even if it’s just a brisk walk

This is easier said than done, especially when Seasonal Affective Disorder kicks in and our every instinct screams at us to hibernate and gorge on comfort foods. Nonetheless, getting out of the house and on the treadmill (or even just going for a brisk walk everyday) will improve your heart health and even your mental health.

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