Hit The Road, Jack! Why Walking Is The Best Possible Exercise

Staying active and healthy isn’t always easy. As much as people will say that most people who don’t exercise are just making excuses, it really can be incredibly difficult to have the time and energy needed for a lot of exercise when you spend so much of your time at work and dealing with family responsibility. However, that doesn’t mean that exercise is impossible; you’ve just got to be able to find the right kind of exercise to fit around your schedule and lifestyle. Well, it’s lucky then that there’s one kind of exercise that’s perfect for just about everyone: walking. While a lot of people might think that walking is hardly the most intense of effective type of exercise out there, you would be surprised at just how effective it can be. Here are just a few of the reasons why walking is the best possible type of exercise around, no matter who you are.

You don’t need expensive equipment

walking best exercise

How many people have spent a lot of money on a gym membership, workout clothes, and pricey equipment only to find all of those things collecting dust within a couple of months? Even if you do end up going to the gym a lot, you’re still going to end up spending a pretty hefty sum of money. However, walking is essentially free. Sure, you may want to get some decent footwear, things like Propet Shoes are fantastic if you’re planning on walking for some serious distances, but you don’t really need to invest money in that much specific equipment. It’s certainly possible to start spending a lot of money on special gear as time goes on, but the important thing is that you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

It’s a surprisingly intense workout

One of the best things about walking is that it’s a pretty low impact workout overall. It’s the kind of workout that anyone can do, regardless of their fitness level. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that you’re not going to get a decent workout from it. Not only that but you can set your own workouts in a remarkably flexible way. How fast you walk, how long you walk for, and where you walk all allow you to dynamically adjust the intensity of your workout incredibly easily.

You have plenty of freedom

walking best exercise

And when it comes to deciding where to walk, you really can go just about anywhere. If you just want to take a stroll around the block, then that’s totally fine. But you can also go exploring, get out into nature, and find new places that you might never have otherwise discovered. If you start walking more often around your hometown, you’re probably going to discover a ton of hidden gems that you never even realized were there. You also have a lot of freedom over who you work out with. You can join walking groups if you like, or if you’d prefer you can go it alone as well. There are few kinds of exercise that offer quite as much choice and freedom over when, where, and how you do it.

Melanie Kampman

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