Church’s Chicken Bad Review

Church’s Chicken Bad Review

Church's Chicken Bad ReviewA few nights ago, we got home late and I really didn’t feel like cooking so I ran to town to Church’s Chicken. I really figured this would save me time and I could do this faster than cooking something. Boy was I wrong!

We normally love Church’s Chicken, but they are always out of something. We don’t eat there much, but this never fails! I hate giving anyone a bad review, but this was just awful and I was curious if anyone else has had this problem.

First when I got to the drive thru the young girl taking my order acted like she didn’t have a clue what she was doing. It took a good 5 minutes for her to understand my order. I ordered 2 chicken meals with mashed potatoes, a side of macaroni, and 2 Church’s minis.

When I pulled around to the window, it took another 5 minutes for her to acknowledge my existence. After she took my money, she came back to inform me they were out of macaroni & cheese. I said that was fine and asked if they could just replace it with Cole Slaw. Yes, that was fine. Five minutes later she comes back leaning out the window with a weird look and informed me they were out of biscuits. She then proceeded to tell me they would take 6 minutes. Okay, fine. A few minutes later, here she comes with the 2 chicken meals – one with mashed potatoes and the other with cole slaw. I didn’t notice at first she had shorted me a mashed potatoes, but informed her of this when she arrived back to give me the Church’s Minis. It took several minutes for me to explain to her that they automatically both come with mashed potatoes and I had added the macaroni & cheese that was now replaced with Cole Slaw. She then told me they were now out of mashed potatoes. Ugh! At this point I was starting to get a little frustrated. After being a waitress in my younger years, I know not to irritate anyone that handles your food! I asked her if she could replace it with corn. Yes, that was fine. About 5 minutes later here she comes carrying the ear of corn in her hand – not in a bag, not wrapped up – nothing! A light bulb goes off before she hands it to me and she grabs a bag for it. Thirty minutes later, I’m on my way.

Has anyone else had an experience like this at Church’s Chicken? I wonder if they are really out of these things, or if at 9 pm they refuse to start making anything fresh. I normally do not get irritated easily, but this was quite ridiculous! That will be my last visit to Church’s Chicken.

Share your terrible drive-thru experiences!

UPDATE 7/14/2011:

I was contacted by a lady from Church’s Chicken today. Yes, already! That is great customer service! She assured me action would be taken to ensure better customer service at our next visit. I will give this restaurant another shot and give you an update! I appreciate them contacting me to make it right.

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