Change Careers In 2018

Changing careers might seem like a daunting task but it’s worth doing if your current 9 to 5 job doesn’t fulfill you.

Change Careers In 2018
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We’ve all been there. Recent studies have claimed that most people are miserable at work and half of the UK’s workforce has admitted to wanting to change careers. The London School of Business and Finance conducted a survey involving 1,000 professionals and of these, a whopping 47 percent claimed they wanted to change jobs and do something that would make them feel more passionate about their profession.

Whereas changing jobs might make you think you are starting from zero, and this might not be the ideal setting for anyone, stepping out of your comfort zone and learning something new will not only make your brain establish new neural connections, but it will mean you are finally moving towards your desired goal. Sure, this isn’t easy (and in fact that is why most people in our society are stuck in a 9 to 5 job they were never entirely happy in) but with the right tools in place and enough self confidence to see you through, this job-changing journey will result in you hopefully landing the career of your dreams and most importantly, it will lead to you learning more about yourself than you have ever done.

Here is a list of careers you could choose from to make 2018 your professional year.


Teaching can be a challenging job and that is why you need to be absolutely certain you would like to become a mentor before you even take any steps to dive into the profession. People toy with the idea of becoming a teacher if they would like to pass on their knowledge and the way they see the world onto younger versions of themselves. Teaching can be extremely rewarding as being a teacher not only involves training your students, you also get to learn about different subjects whilst you teach these, and no two days are the same. On top of this, teaching offers many the opportunity to take their skills around the globe, as the profession allows you to be able to be based anywhere. The great amount of holiday you get plus the flexibility in working hours the job offers make teaching a really attractive career choice for some. If you would like to read more about teaching, this fascinating account of someone who chose to impart knowledge as part of their professional life will open your eyes to the reality of becoming an educator.


If you would like to do something for a living that also has an impact on people’s lives and with which you could improve their life quality, physiotherapy could be for you. The satisfaction that comes from having contributed to the betterment of someone’s well being and having added to their peace of mind is second to none. Of course there are other benefits that come with choosing to be a physiotherapy professional, like job security and high salary packages, but for most people it’s the fact they are contributing to improved health rates that pushes them towards this interesting profession. If you would like to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and help those around you get better, a career in physiotherapy might just be what you are looking for. Read more about the profession and search all vacancies at


Remember all those movies you watched in which a cook made all the difference? Take Ratatouille, for instance, where the main character’s choice to become a chef filled him with joy and there was really nothing else he would have liked to do for a living. Sometimes our gut tells us we need to follow a certain path and, despite this not being the easiest or most obvious one, it is this path we need to navigate in order for us to discover our real selves. Being a chef is a dream for many but few manage to make it to the top. You need to have real determination and stamina to become a well-known and revered chef, but if you do we promise you will never look back. Being part of a restaurant’s core fabric and contributing to the preparation of a Michelin-star eatery’s signature dish is one of the most rewarding experiences you could be part of. Read this guide on how to become a top chef in order to learn more about the profession.


Not for the faint-at-heart, being an actor really takes some guts. For some people, this will be an easier choice as becoming an actor is really what they have been dreaming of since childhood. For others, however, it will be more of a sacrifice, due to the unstable landscape that being on stage offers those who want to become performers. Whilst some will decide to become actors and undergo formal training, for others this journey will be taken by jumping straight onto stage without any qualifications in the industry. Neither option is wrong, it’s just good to know what to expect from wanting to become a full-time performer. For some an opportunity to be in the limelight and hopefully become rich and famous, for others being an actor is a more spiritual act. Meryl Streep once said that “giving voice to characters that have no other voice (is) the great worth of what we do”, and that’s what’s inspired many to get up on stage and perform. Whether you would like to become a star or see acting as a way of empowering the less prominent sectors of society, read these seven tips on how to become an actor if you have no previous experience.


This career has been around for ages but with new technology emerging every day, those who decide to become illustrators are finding it easier to do so provided they are willing to spend hours in front of a PC learning new programs that are useful for the trade. Illustrations are everywhere, from t-shirts to video games, from newspaper graphics to cookery books, and as a result, this is a very sought-after profession. It is also, however, equally competitive and if you are in the process of switching careers and have voiced your desire to become an illustrator, don’t be surprised if those around you try to convince you not to go down that path; it’s not because they don’t love you or think you are not talented that they are doing so, it’s because they are trying to stop you from venturing into a tough profession that can be challenging and very hard work. With these tips from artist Mark Weighton, you will hopefully feel better-prepared should you still wish to become an illustrator.


Another tricky and solitary career, being a photographer is chosen by many as their preferred job option due to the satisfaction creating something gives them. As with many artistic jobs, you will most likely start being someone else’s (hopefully more established) apprentice and this will prove an invaluable opportunity for you to network. Remember that anyone you meet along the way could become a potential client of yours so treat your work as an apprentice as you would a more established job as a photographer. To become an expert you really need to understand basic things like what is good composition and how light defines darkness and vice versa, but once this has been mastered, there is nothing that can come between you and your subject. Make sure to explore these courses before embarking on your journey to become a photographer and invest in a great kit that will turn your vision into beautiful and unique creations!

The above are some of the professions you might want to explore in 2018 if you feel like your everyday job is going nowhere. If you’ve been in your current workplace for a while and you dread going there every morning, it is time to make a career change. The world is full of people who out of fear refuse to venture into the unknown and miss becoming better versions of themselves by instead trying to mold into the box society has given them. We don’t need any more of those individuals!

Whilst changing careers will not be easy as you will have days when you will wish you had never left your boring but comfortable routine, a change in profession will teach you a great deal about yourself and with the right determination and patience, you will hopefully end up doing something that fills you with joy and motivation. If you have been daydreaming about purchasing that camera or painting kit for a while, but never thought you would have the courage to follow through with your vision, 2018 might be the year to do so.

Life’s too short to be simply existing. Fill yourself with positive thoughts, surround yourself with a supporting network of people and dare to venture into the unknown in order to discover who you really are and what you would like to do in life. It’s time to spread your wings and fly!

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