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Immediately upon scheduling my appointment with Beverly Hills Lashes I began anticipating my eye makeover. I don’t dislike the lashes nature gave me, but I have grown tired of day-to-day mascara application and the wear and tear my eyelashes feel from using waterproof mascara and its required nightly removal ritual.


Eyelash extensions, even though somewhat new to my vocabulary, seem to have been, and remain, a staple of celebrities and fashionistas alike. Every woman wants to feel like her most beautiful version. If we have to exchange some coin for luscious eyelashes (that only require maintenance every few weeks) that is a small price to pay.


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A la Harry Potter, I proceeded to 642 ½ North Robertson Blvd., sandwiched between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. And, yes, what happened inside was magical…


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The lovely Candice greeted me at the light-filled doorway. Shortly thereafter, Lauren, a trained Beverly Hills Lashes artisan, welcomed me into her cozy, sky lit spa room. She asked me if I had any allergies/sensitive skin. We discussed what my eyelash goals were as she presented me with various lengths. We compared the synthetic and real mink options. I preferred the look and feel of the real mink and, thankfully, BHL only works with cruelty-free real mink lashes. I chose the 100% mink with a ‘classic’ look and opted for shorter lashes as apposed to a longer, more dramatic look. The ‘volume 2D & 3D’ lash extensions fall under the ‘glamour’ look and are typically recommended for special events. Although, don’t let that hold you back from everyday wear if you are a glamour-girl at heart.


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Lauren adhered under eye patches, and for the next hour and a half (a time when most clients opt to take a long catnap) she and I chatted about our families and shared Los Angeles stories, as we’re both fairly new to the area. Lauren was easygoing, but expertly trained and focused on her craft. She delicately and precisely placed each individual eyelash onto my eyelids with fine tipped tweezers using a medical grade adhesive. Eyelash clusters or strips are never used. You can read more in-depth about the process and materials used on Beverly Hills Lashes FAQ page.


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Having extremely sensitive skin, I was shocked that the eyelash extension process did not hurt. My allergies to my newly acclimated home in Los Angeles were more so the issue. Having just moved to West Hollywood from a farm in Missouri, I was accustomed to breathing very pure air and the city smog in LA was quite alarming to my fair skin, eyes, and unprepared lungs (as you can see from my puffy-faced photos). Thankfully, Lauren was there to take my mind off of my allergy-ridden face and put the focus on enhancing my eyes.


The entire process took about an hour and a half. Once Lauren removed my under eye patches I sat up and stepped in front of the mirror for my reveal. My eyes, even though swollen from allergies, were enhanced, fuller and longer than they had ever been. The extensions created a sharp contrast, making my eyes pop. Lauren was a rockstar and she delivered a superior service. I am extremely happy with the care that I was provided, and will be continuing my eyelash extension services at Beverly Hills Lashes.


You can view countless before and after photos on BHL’s Instagram. All of which are exceptionally beautiful.


Beverly Hills Lashes AFTER 1-2

Beverly Hills Lashes AFTER 3-2


Prices ranges from $200 to $400 based on the look you prefer: natural vs. glamour and synthetic vs. 100% real Siberian mink/sable. Among their other services, BHL offers eyebrow extensions, shaping and tinting, as well as eyelash lifting, tinting, waxing, and removals. You can view a complete list of their services online.


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You can book your appointment with Lauren or Gloria online.


Quick Eyelash Extension Tips

  • Do not use oil-based beauty products near your eyes.
  • Do not use mascara on your eyelash extensions.
  • Use an eyelash comb (Target carries many inexpensive options.)


Be sure to post your before and after photos on social media.  #BeverlyHillsLashes  #BHL


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Contact Info:


642 ½ North Robertson Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 500-0551


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