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Nature Anywhere Bird Feeder

Something I have grown more and more fond of over the years is bird watching. I love swooning over the little creatures especially if I can spot a unique little bird chirping on a branch in the yard. They are such delicate looking creatures but so fierce when they’re swooping down at one of our cats just to irritate them.

I recently came across the best window bird feeder in the world so I could see my favorite tiny creatures up close and personal. The Nature Anywhere birds-i-view window bird feeder is the perfect addition for any amateur (or professional) bird watcher.

window bird feeder

I love the design and sturdiness of this bird feeder. You can even slide a tray in and out of the feeder which makes it super easy to re-fill and clean. It is so user friendly… or, bird watcher friendly that is! Known as the Cadillac of window bird feeders, it’s built to last with premium acrylic and a robust design. The suction cups are strong and hold well to any window surface. It was is so easy to add to any window! We love watching them through our sliding glass doors. Don’t settle for those feeders made out of cheap plastic! Nature Anywhere is the way to go!

window bird feeder

Give the birds a few weeks to trust the feeder. It’s new to them just like it is to you. Try not to do disturb them at first! I did this and those little creatures were scared to death of a lady watching them through the glass. Give them time and they will come around. Think about if someone is watching you eat every day… you’d be a little nervous too! Some birds will take to it right away while others might take a little extra time. Don’t get discouraged!

You can easily watch your favorite birds through any clear glass window. I would love to set up a camera to catch my sweet friends in action! Our cats even love watching the birds eat… or, maybe they are waiting to pounce on the gorgeous creatures!

birds-i-view window feeder

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  1. I love watching birds, and so do my cats! I really like the removable tray for easy cleaning and refills.

  2. I like watching birds also, but a better idea would be to have a one-way viewing system/mirror so the birds would be less terrified. I’ll bet that cat is even more terrifying than humans, though.

  3. I like to watch birds in our backyard. This feeder would be great for the birds. It seems easy to clean.. I’m sure they would love it.

  4. These are amazing! I would love to see the cardinals and blue birds hanging out right by my window here in central Pennsylvania.

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