5 Ways Technology Can Make You Smarter

Technology Smarter
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No one would dispute that technology has advanced at an amazing pace in the last few years, and it has changed the way we live, in some ways without us even realizing it. Artificial intelligence used to be something in science fiction movies, but now it is here for real along with other things that can affect our own intelligence. This can be used to help people alter their lives for the better, as can some other online and new technological innovations. Some are already with us, and others are developers dreams that are being worked on.

Online Education

Online education has opened up a new world for so many people that thought they would never be able to get any qualifications because work or family commitments would not let them go back to college or university. Now these same courses, including such ones as engineering MBA courses, programming degrees and accountancy qualifications, are available to fit in with any lifestyle. Completing a course online can be done in the evening, at weekends or whenever else is suitable, and age is no barrier either.

Whether it is to enhance your existing career or to start a new one, now you can complete the coursework needed online, still getting all the help you need with virtual meetings with your tutors.

This is not the technology itself that will make us smarter, but the application of it could have a huge effect on the world’s population in the field of education.


Have you got a bad memory? Then Nootropics might be able to help you manipulate your memory retention to improve it. These smart drugs are constantly being improved to cure or reduce the problems related to psychological or neural problems, and as well as helping with your memory can also be used to enhance your cognitive abilities.


The developers of this device are working to make a commercial product that will be affordable. It will enable users to recall all their lost memories and is seen as a technological step towards human evolution. It was originally meant for medical use, but now the developers have decided to widen its scope and it could be the first step towards humans and machines working together with truly very useful benefits.

Deep Brain Stimulation

This process involves putting something like a pacemaker in the brain. It then sends electrical impulses to different areas of the brain, affecting the way you respond and achieve. Originally used to help combat conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders, the potential for making people smarter cannot be underestimated.

Is It Good News Or Bad News?

The debate continues to rage over whether using technology to enhance our brains is a good thing or a bad thing, and of course, that is a matter of personal opinion. It does seem though that most people are in favor of it being used to enhance education and help in the world of medicine. The biggest concern appears to be these types of technologies being used for other purposes that would control the minds of people, perhaps by terrorists or criminals.

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