Strict School Environments May Not Be the Best for Students After All

Strict School Environments
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What do we look for in a school? Quality of education is probably at the very top of the list. If we want our kids to have a competitive advantage in school, and indeed, when they graduate and become active in society, we want to them to go to a school that can fully equip them.

But have we considered the rules and codes with which a school lives by, and the means of implementing these in our decision?

Strict behavior policies and its effect on students

Today, there are many academies and schools that boast strict behavior policies, assuring parents that their children will always have their best foot forward.

However, what this does is create a negative feeling towards school, at least in the perspective of kids. There are schools that send kids to detention just because they were not wearing the recommended shoes, or that they do not ‘look smart’ wearing their uniform.

Some of these rules the schools can easily do without, that much is true; and there are institutions that have already proven you do not need to be severe to make kids follow. An international school in Singapore, the Global Indian International School (GIIS), has proven that a learning environment which focuses on student well-being can just be as effective.

Holistic learning promotes a happy, balanced, and productive learning environment

International schools are known for their unique educational framework. While each have different approaches to learning, one thing is sure: these schools are all holistic in nature.

Let us examine the aforementioned school, GIIS, to understand why choosing a school that promotes collaboration rather than isolation is a better option.

Equipping students with the 21st Century skill set

It is important that our kids receive a well-rounded education. Which means learning is not just about academic excellence, but also developing the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of learning. In doing so, it is the hope of GIIS, and indeed all schools who are using the holistic learning philosophy, to produce innovative and socially responsible movers of society.

At GIIS, the first years of learning is focused on teaching kids the importance of academic excellence as well as learning discipline and good moral values. Creativity and personality development are also among the key points of growth. During their secondary and high school years, the school focuses on academic achievement, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, along with vocational and career progression.

The school is able to accomplish this by means of giving students the necessary programs and platforms that will allow them to collaborate with each other. Strict policing of behaviors has never been part of the school learning environment, instead facilitated discussions and creative ways of approaching school issues are highly encouraged.

By doing this, students feel that their sentiments are important and the school is ready to listen to them. Schools like GIIS has shown that taking the strictness out of the equation and instead replacing it with a more encouraging environment breeds students who are more than capable of leading the future.

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