5 Tips For Keeping Your Kid’s Things Organized

How do you keep your kid’s things in order? This is a common concern of many parents. Children are naturally messy, and if you don’t give them specific instructions about where to put their things, chances are that they’ll just pile things up in a corner. So, what can you do? You don’t want to have to dig through each and every toy box once your toddler starts screaming that he wants to play with his favorite robot. When you’re busy and your child is bugging you about helping her to look for her Barbie or some other favorite plaything, it’s really going to strain your patience. One way to avoid such incidents is to keep your kid’s belongings more organized. Here are some tips.

1. Create enough space for each and every thing. If you want your child to be less messy, then make sure that you also provide him with enough space for all of his things. Then, teach him where everything must be kept. For example, have a box for blocks, another for robots, and another for plush toys. Books must be arranged in shelves and not in toy boxes so that you’ll be able to find them easily. Things for art must have their own space, and clothes, shoes, and other personal items must be stored in specific areas.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Kid's Things Organized

2. Opt for storage containers that you can easily clean. It’s normal for kids to be messy. They play with watercolors and play dough, and they don’t care if their faces are covered with icing or peanut butter and jelly. Then, their tiny, dirty hands touch everything, which is why you should opt for storage containers that you can clean. Plastic containers are good options. You can also outfit baskets or bins with liners so that when these get dirty, you can just remove the fabric liners and wash them.

3. Purge regularly. Kids sometimes play rough and they might break their toys without meaning to. Or they could lose parts or puzzle pieces. Toys that are no longer working properly should be purged. If these are still useful, donate these to charity. Avoid keeping toy parts and pieces that your child no longer plays with in order to reduce clutter. Then, even though your kid’s toys are still in good condition, there comes a time when he (or she) must part with them. Keep the most memorable toys and give the others to a younger cousin who will be able to play with and take care of them.

4. Put wall hooks that your kids can easily reach. Hooks are really great for keeping jackets or coats in order. You can also hang hats, gloves, and scarves here.

5. Keep footwear neat and orderly. You don’t want to clean up mud from your kid’s shoes all the time. One good way to avoid this is by having a shoe rack near the door. Make sure that the rack has enough space for everyone’s shoes. Assign a lower shelf for your child so that he can easily reach it.

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  1. I like the ‘shoes off at the door’ rule. Keeps a lot of dirt out of your carpets.

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