5 Photography Tech Trends You Should Know About

Since the introduction of digital photography, the field has changed rapidly with constant tech upgrades. These advancements make an exciting time for photographers, especially with the art form being more accessible than ever via advanced smartphone cameras. Learn about the five largest photography technology trends so that you can stay on top of your photo game.

Dual-Pixel Smartphone Cameras

Photography Tech Trends
Image via Flickr by Janitors

Dual-pixel technology has been available in DSLR cameras for several years, but only recently has it begun to show up in smartphones. A dual-pixel image sensor makes photos appear crisper and richer by using more pixels for phase and contrast. This sensor delivers better images time and time again, especially in low-light situations.

The Samsung Galaxy S7’s top-ranking dual-pixel camera is the leader of the pack in this emerging tech trend. Compared with other smartphone cameras, which generally use less than 5 percent of the pixels for autofocus purposes, the Galaxy S7 uses 100 percent of the pixels. Capture sharper photos on a Galaxy S7 through a carrier like T-Mobile to enjoy improved images through dual-pixel technology. With nationwide 4G LTE coverage through the T-Mobile network, users can easily capture and share photos with friends across their social networks.

Instant Cameras

The Polaroid format is making a comeback in a major way. With many digital photography enhancements in recent years, photographers haven’t had many physical keepsakes. As a result, the instant camera has become a major hit once again. However, the technology has improved from the instant cameras available decades ago.

New options such as the Polaroid Pop Instant Camera offer crisp images with a 20MP camera, and 1080p video recording adds another fun feature to this tech treat. But this technology is not limited to point, shoot, and print anymore. Users can snap and print a photo with their cameras, connect it to their smartphones to print out shots from their galleries, or use the microSD slots to store fun photos and videos for future printing or sharing.

360-Degree Video

This tech innovation has already started to make an impact across multiple industries. It’s not uncommon to see news organizations, major commercial brands, and corporate entities alike all using 360-degree video to provide a more immersive experience for viewers. However, 360-degree video is able to have a larger uptick in popularity with the development of more affordable gear available for individual use.

While pro rigs are prohibitively expensive, newer models aimed at amateur photographers are priced at a few thousand dollars or less. Current options include products such as the Hubblo VR and the Insta360 Pro, both of which are capable of shooting 4K video in 3D and 360 degrees. Expect to see more people experimenting with the commercial, artistic, and personal applications for 360-degree video over the coming years.

New Drone Designs

Image via Flickr by Richard Unten

Drones have been on the rise for a few years now, but advanced designs have made these photo and video tech devices more attainable and versatile. Some new drone models are composed of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, allowing for faster speeds and more time in the air before running out of power.

Besides the sleeker designs, improvements have also been made in the photo and video technology these devices include. Many drones are now capable of capturing 4K video, and some can produce a live video feed at 1080p quality. Other tech features to look for include smartphone app controls for tracking and directing the device and integrated software for easier editing and sharing.

Bluetooth Backups

One of the issues with shooting on DSLRs is backing up photos efficiently and safely. Since these cameras can typically hold thousands of photos, the potential loss of images is greater. Although many cameras can back up images via Wi-Fi, this method quickly drains power and isn’t a good automatic backup solution.

Fortunately, some newer models are coming equipped with the ability to back up images via Bluetooth. This new tech innovation will use far less power than Wi-Fi and allows the camera to stay connected at all times, making automatic backups incredibly simple and efficient.

If you want to improve your photography skills, check out the above latest tech trends that will take photography to new heights.

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