4 DIY Hanging Decorations for Your Bedroom

Are you usually getting bored to see the same things hanging on your walls and doors? This can get frustrating especially when it comes to your bedroom. It’s the place where you spend more time, and it should reflect your style. You can add a touch of personality by trying one of these 4 DIY hanging decorations that will change your bedroom’s appearance.

Colored Fabric Panels
This is a great idea to help you boost your creative skills. Colored fabric panels can be customized for every type of bedroom. You can craft them using any color or material. Besides, they’re a practical and original alternative to traditional paintings which will also help you teach your kids to save energy and money. If you want to enjoy their crafting, even more, gather your family members and start building these DIY hanging decorations.

Here’s what you need to get:

  • Foam core
  • A large piece of colored fabric or several pieces if you want to alternate the décor
  • Double-sided tape
  • Wall putty, in case you don’t have drilled holes in your walls from previous pictures

Now, let’s get to work. This is an easy exercise, and you won’t leave too much mess behind. You need to cut the foam core to the desired dimensions. If you want to hang several panels on your wall, we recommend to cut the foam in different dimensions; the overall design of your decoration will be more appealing. After you determined each piece of foam, wrap them in the fabric and use double tape to join the material’s end. Make sure each piece is neatly covered, and there are no folds. If all’s well, hang the colored panels on the wall using the wall putty.

Homemade Postcard Panel
If you’re into funny and fresh home decoration ideas, this DIY suggestion might please you. It will make your bedroom look more cozy and welcoming. Here is what you need:

  • Foam board
  • As many postcards as you have
  • Double-sided tape
  • Wall putty

You’ll start by reducing the foam board to the desired dimensions. Take into consideration the total number of postcards you can use to cover it. After you’re done, use the double-sided tape to stick the postcards to the board, one by one, leaving no space between them. Make sure each one is properly stocked and doesn’t come out. When you’re done, hang the postcard panel on the wall using wall putty and enjoy the view.

DIY Cork Heart

DIY Decorations Bedroom
Photo via pixabay.

If you’re a wine lover, make sure you don’t throw away the corks of your bottles; there are dozens homemade decorations you can craft using these tiny objects. For your bedroom, we will focus on a romantic cork design that can be hung on any wall of your room: a DIY cork heart. Here are the required items:

  • A flexible but resistant wire
  • Lots of corks
  • A tube of glue
  • A piece of string or several strings, depending on how many items you want to craft

The process is pretty simple, but arm yourself with patience because it will take a while. The corks need to be pierced right in the middle to allow the wire to pass through them. You can make the holes using the wire itself or another blunt object like a long needle, just make sure the orifice is not too large. After you ‘drilled the holes’ start passing the wire through the corks and when the string is long enough twist it to form a heart with symmetrical sides. Afterward, attach the string to the heart’s top using glue and wait until it’s dry. Then you can attach this decoration to your ceiling, right next to the window or on your bedroom’s door.

Buttons Curtain
Our last DIY decoration is a chic idea for an artsy person. If you want to hang on your bedroom’s wall something your friends don’t have, try this homemade decor. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Dozens of buttons of different shapes and colors
  • A tube of adhesive
  • Several long threads
  • A piece of leather

Now let’s start working because this project is going to take a while too, but the process is simple. Think about the combination of colors that will suit your room. If you don’t have a particular option in mind, buy as many colorful buttons as you can and start passing the threads through their holes to obtain long compact strings. Measure the strings in order to suit your bedroom door’s size; they should be slightly shorter so you don’t risk stumbling when you pass through the curtain.

When you finished the strings, tight the thread’s ends firmly and stick one of the strings’ ends to the leather piece using glue, this will be the top of your curtain and the support that helps you hang it above your door. To attach the curtain, you can use glue, wall putty or two nails which will help you fix the ends.

If you enjoyed one of these homemade decorations for your bedroom, start gathering the necessary materials and craft your favorite item.

Author: Olivia Gillmore is a professional DIY and crafts blogger from California, who loves to craft, decorate and sew. She writes for http://diyexperience.com. Olivia graduated from Art Center College of Design, California.

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  1. Nice! I have no hanging decor in the bedroom, and have been wondering what I could do, especially something I crafted!

  2. I like the Cork Art Idea. It sounds amazing and fun to make. I bet it looks pretty.I want to give this craft a try!

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