Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway!

Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway!

We are giving away tons of awesome prizes on the Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway! We will have several great prizes valued at $650! This would be a great time to get some Christmas shopping done!

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Okay so here’s how this is going to work, there’s several great prizes.

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  1. My fave memory at Christmas is going to be this year when my great niece will be experiencing Christmas as a one year old. Last year she was too young to participate really. We’ll see if she cries sitting on Santa’s lap, lol

  2. On Facebook 6, one of the entries says: This page can’t be seen by the current user. Please check page privacy… I left a note on her page too.

  3. My favorite memory about Christmas was getting my chihuahua 🙂 I love everything about Christmas: the gifts, the music, the decorations, everything

  4. my favorite memory was on christmas eve 4 years ago my son & daughter in law gave us a onesie with a picture of our grandson’s sonogram on it and it said see you in august grandma and grandpa! priceless!

  5. The best thing about the Christmas is the parties with my family and friends. The best memory was when I had 15 years old and I went with my frinds from house to house to sing carrols

  6. My favorite memory was when my daughter was just a year old and my husband played Santa for the first time and we brought her in the living room where the christmas tree was and Santa was putting her christmas presents under the tree and her eyes just lit up. I know that she was too little too really understand what christmas was that year but it was still fun to watch her sit there and we open presents for her. I will never forget it.

  7. My favorite part of christmas is getting together with family.and seeing all the pretty lights and decorations out.

  8. every christmas with my husband and our son is my favorite watching his eyes light up is an amazing feeling

  9. Every year my kids and I went out and looked at all the houses decorated with christmas lights, now I do it with my grandkids and they get so excited about how pretty they look.

  10. Christmas makes me remember what a great childhood I had. I was a most fortunate kid and my parents were fabulous people

  11. I love teaching the kids about giving and not being greedy. Our favorite thing to do it go ring the salvation army bell. Last year we were freezing, and had to take shifts, but they still loved it.

  12. When I was little, we got a lot more snow than we do now, for some reason. One of my Christmas memories was going outside and having a snowball fight with my dad and playing in the snow. Then, we would dome inside and mom would have hot chocolate ready for both of us. 🙂

  13. The first Christmas I had with my son and daughter was interesting. My son wanted everything my daughter had and his own gifts too. I then learned what it was like to be a 2 year old. Thanks for the chance.

  14. My favorite memory about Christmas was making Gingerbread men with my family. I liked making them into little men and women and decorating them with icing. I have yet to be able to accomplish it with my son the way my mother made it so fun for us!

  15. I love picking out a tree! I always pick the Charlie Brown tree, they deserve to be decorated and celebrated just like the big,glorious ones

  16. About once every 5 or 6 years it will snow at Christmas here in the desert….it’s beautiful and rare

  17. Christmas is the one holiday that everyone makes an effort to be home and it’s great for everyone to catch up and the little one to know everyone.

  18. i remember sitting on my moms lap when i was a child , watching the wood burn and her humming a christmas carol , such a wonderful memmory, mis ya mom; (

  19. My favorite thing to do is gathering everyone in house and going around different neighborhoods to look at all the Christmas decorations that everyone puts out at their homes. My mom used to do this with us when we were lttle kids.

  20. I love Christmas music and putting my tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I love being with family and holiday treats and of course worshiping Jesus Christ.

  21. Since I have had kiddos, I love to see them Christmas morning running downstairs and seeing the presents set up. (my husband and I do not get things out until that night)

  22. I love spending time with the family, also we have a tradition to drive around and look at the Christmas lights, that is always fun.

  23. I like spotting all the Christmas displays. Even some of the local apartment buildings decorate for Christmas. There’s an orthodontist in town who goes nuts decorating his office building and synchronizes all the lights to Christmas music that he broadcasts on an AM radio station. It’s wicked cool! Can’t wait to see it this year.

  24. The memories as we are hanging the ornaments on the tree and the new memories we are making as we hang new ones


  26. The best thing about Christmas is spending time with family. It’s been a rough year so the extra time with family is exactly what we need.

  27. My favorite thing about Christmas is that the whole family takes a day to just be together and enjoy the day 🙂 I also love to see the joy on my kids’ faces as we talk about the TRUE reason for Christmas and exchange gifts.

  28. My favorite part of Christmas is the giving. I love to see my friends’ and families’ reactions when I get them the perfect gift!:) I also have to mention the family time! Christmas is the main time of year when I get to see the family and spend quality time together.

  29. My favorite memories are Christmas morning and My Mom would get just as excited as we would opening presents. Since she is not with me this year I cherish every Christmas I had with her because she always made it special for me and my brothers.

  30. One of my favorite Christmas memories is going with my best friend to take her son, my godson, to see Santa for the 1st time. Tons of fun & pretty funny too!

  31. My memories of Christmas all involve being with my family sharing presents, good talks, and lots of food 🙂

  32. I love the annual hot cocoa and Christmas lights drive we make as a family where we take turns being the commentator:)

  33. I look forward to seeing the family members that I only get to see at this time of the year. Like my Grandma, Aunt Linda, cousin Nathan, mom, stepfather, etc.

  34. looking forward to the holidays this year when my husbands sister and her family will be visiting us over the holidays so there will be lots of little ones around.

  35. I am a grandmother that is raising two grandchildren and every Christmas they remind me of what the true meaning is. They don’t care that we have no money and I might be able to only spend ten or fifteen dollars. This is what the true meaning of Christmas really is.

  36. Christmas is great to me because of the kids. I remember how excited I was Christmas eve and I get that excitement back seeing my kids run around squealing, barely able to sleep. I love it 🙂

  37. I love that my little boys now 3 & 4 are finally getting Christmas and the joy on their little faces & how excited they are about averything Christmas

  38. One of my favorite memories of the holidays is from when the little bit was a little over a year old. We had a caroling party and her dad dressed as Santa, and she lost her mind. She was convinced Santa had eaten her daddy. Once she saw he was okay though and just pretending, she was like, “Okay, goodbye for now, daddy. I want Santa back.” The minds of little ones never fails to amaze me.

  39. my best memory is leaving church from late christmas eve mass and all the luminary candles lined up all the streets in our neighborhood….landing lights for santa 🙂

  40. I remember getting up early with my sisters and being so excited to find out what Santa had brought for us!

  41. my favorite thing is watching my son’s excitement with the passing of each little detail of the holiday such as putting up the Christmas tree, decorating the tree, buying presents, wrapping, making cookies and finally getting together with family.

  42. I just love the happiness that comes with the holidays… Spending time with family and listening to Christmas music.

  43. My kids just asked me if Santa ever left me a note. And, yes, he did – one of my favorite memories is reading the letter that Santa typed to me on my very own typewriter! My sister and I both received typewriters that year (I think I was 8) – mine was blue and hers was pink.

  44. My favorite memories of Christmas are when I was a small child and we always spent Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma made the best mince meat pie and she would also make rhubarb pudding. Those memories are to cherish. I wish I could go back in time and spend just one more Christmas with Grandma – I would find out how she made that delicious rhubarb pudding.

  45. before my uncle and my papaw passed away, we would have very large get togethers up at my grandparents house every Christmas Eve. We still have them, but its not nearly the same as it use to be. We still spend Christmas eve with my Mamaw, and she still has get togethers but they are small get togethers. Christmas day, we spend Christmas at home, and my brother and his family join us! Its nice to see my nephews opening up their gifts every year!

  46. this is my sons first christmas where he can participte. ( hes almost 16 months) and so we are so excited! we decorated early and he loves it all! he likes to help me bake and hes already tryed to take bows off of gifts and tryed to take the ornimants off the tree. its wonderful to experence this with him!

  47. I am really looking forward to this Christmas because it is the fist one that I will be spending with my Granddaughter

  48. We try to visit my grandfather’s grave in the cemetery near Christmas and put a wreath or kissing ball near his headstone. Christmas was his favorite time of year… and probably part of why it’s mine.

  49. i love the smell of christmas, the smell of the crisp air and pine, i love decorating the tree and popping popcorn , listening to carols ..

  50. Some of my best memories are when my cousins would visit during Christmas breaks and Mom would let us stay up late and watch all the Christmas cartoons. We would have hot chocolate and we would all get on a pallet on the floor and if we weren’t asleep when the cartoons were over Mom would put on some Christmas music (usually Elvis) until we fell asleep =D

  51. my favorite thing about christmas is colourful lights… to drive around and see them everywhere!!!

  52. I like Christmas because it means thinking of family and the memories that we have experienced and new ones we can reflect on in the future. Thanks for this opportunity to win and remember what I like about Christmas and The New Year!

  53. My favorite memory was going out of state to spend Christmas with my family, and my grandmas cooking!

  54. My favorite memory was spending the weeks before Christmas with my Grandma and her teaching me to bake all the traditional Italian Cookies that I grew up with. She will be gone 2 years this month and I miss her dearly. She is what made Christmas time so special growing up. Once I was grown and on my own with my own children I loved to pick out the tree with the kids and decorate. Always looked forward to a houseful every Christmas too. I now have 2 little Grandboys to share all those memories with and create new memoroes. Wishing everyone a blessed holida season 🙂

  55. Since I was raised not celebrating Christmas I love spoiling my kids wit presents and decorating our tree.

  56. Only 4 loaded on FB likes 19…hope that was correct…tried reloading several times and still only 4 showed!

  57. My favorite part of Christmas was and is watching the claymation cartoons…Rudolph, the abominable (sp) snowman, herbie, frosty – so much fun :).

  58. My favorite thing about Christmas is that it gives me an excuse to decorate and no one says a thing other than positive words. 🙂 Usually, going a bit overboard is frowned upon…but at Christmas it is embraced!

  59. It means time with family and friends, lots of great food and a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. What a wonderful time of year.

  60. I clicked on the link to comment on Jen’s Blah Blah Blog, and only a blank page came up. So…I clicked on Jen’s actual blog page and commented on Fighting Childhood Obesity.

  61. The “Swing By and Leave Me A Comment” link (25 pt entry) is broken…it leads to a blank, untitled page, NOT a review by Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.

  62. my favorite thing is looking for those gifts for my family and them not knowing it and christmas eve seeing there faces when they open them, priceless!!

  63. I love seeing my children so happy. The smiles on their faces, surrounded by family, no arguing, no temper tantrums, it’s basically the one day each year when I know that I will actually enjoy every single moment of the day with my children (instead of wishing I had decided to have gerbils instead of children! Jk, lol!)

  64. I just love decorating and spending time with family and friends. I love seeing the looks on the little ones faces.

  65. Every Christmas Eve our whole family gets together. And we have a sing along and sit in front of the fire and my aunt makes goodies every year that are just the best! It is always so much fun being with all my family! And we open presents.

  66. Long ago my sister and I got dolls we had wanted for Christmas but better than that were the two cradles our Dad had made and our Mom had painted as a surprise!

  67. This is really hard because daily you want this comment. This has been a very difficult month for me. My nephew committed suicide three weeks ago at the tender age of 18, then my car was burnt by an arsonist with only liability coverage so it is a total loss and then someone tried to steal my groceries and purse at Walmart. It hasn’t been good. I am raising an 11 year old granddaughter and cannot afford to buy her one gift this year. I would have to say after all this I am thankful for the roof over our heads and something to eat every day. God Bless ALl.

  68. My entire family gets together to celebrate on Christmas eve, lots of good food, a few drinks, gifts, lots of fun!

  69. My favorite Christmas memory is riding around with my Dad and brother every year on Christmas Eve and looking at Christmas lights while singing Christmas carols. I remember one year in particular we were singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town and my dad saw some lights on the left side of the road and sang “So look to the left for goodness sake” it was great we all laughed about it and now every time I pass by that house on my way over to my dad’s house I hear him sing that line and it makes me smile. 🙂

  70. my favorite memory is watching my son open his presents when he was 2.. he was enjoying the moment and then started giving everyone else their presents and when they were all gone and handed out he was sad there where no more under the tree, he just wanted to give more to others.. he is still this way..

    so this christmas i have him picking out the things he would like to give to others, he is only 4 now but he is an amazing little boy. I like to give as well so he gets it honest!

    This christmas I am looking forward to spending time with my family and enjoying the moments we share and watching my sons open their gifts and embrace the joy of giving as well!! 🙂

  71. I’m just happy to be here to enjoy Christmas this year after a medical emergency including surgery on Christmas Eve last year & a 10 day hospital stay over the entire week before Christmas plus several days following Christmas. I just got out of the hospital again & am hoping that I can now prepare for Christmas & enjoy my family & the holiday season. I was so jazzed up for Christmas before this last hospital stay & I am hoping to be back on track health wise within the week so that I can turn my house into a Christmas Wonderland.

  72. I remember making cookies & other treats with my mom and aunt. I still make the same recipes with my children.

  73. christmas means to me celebrating the birth of christ ,and i love spending quality time with friends and family thers just something magicial about the christmas season thanks for the giveaway

  74. I look forward to my kids coming home from college, new in-laws visiting, all the cookies we bake and eat, and just being together. we don’t have money for gifts so we are just looking to the things we have as being enough for us.

  75. When I was 16 and my sister who was born on Christmas Day was 2, she fell asleep on the floor under the tree and I took her picture! She still has it today 44 years later!

  76. I remember as a kid, sneaking into my parents room and looking in the closet, trying to peak–and sure enough, I saw all my presents, still unwrapped. It was a terrible Christmas, because even though I loved the presents, I had to pretend like it was a surprise. Sure cured me!!

  77. My favorite thing about Christmas is getting together with family, especially the ones I don’t get to see often.

  78. I love giving gifts and spending time with family and the christmas lights/decorations all over 🙂

  79. I love the time with family, watching the grand childrens eyes light up. Decorating and BELIEVING for the SEASON. Thank You

  80. I am so excited to continue my christmas traditions with my daughter. Every year since I was born, my mother would give me a christmas ornament on christmas eve, but I was never allowed to put it on her tree. She told me to hold on to it, because one day when I move out, I can put them on my tree. Growing up, I would just see it as “eh..”, but this year was the first year I got to put all of them on my own tree, and it means a lot to me now. I plan to do the same for my daughter =)

  81. I love watching my children’s faces the morning of Christmas, but what I love most is teaching them the real meaning of CHRISTmas.

  82. i love the simplicity of our christmases. it has never been about the gift giving, but instead about just being together and being happy and healthy! =] <3

  83. I love decorating the tree for Christmas. I have some Christmas ornaments that I made in elementary school, I get so much nostalgia seeing them on the Christmas tree.

  84. my fave was when sant brought kids bikes for christmas and we got to teach them how to ride them all day it was the best ever

  85. my favorite memory was when the kids were small and got up at 6 in the morning and want to open up the presents and to see the smiles on their faces

  86. i really like getting all the pretty christmas cards in the mail it gives me something to look forward to and to hear from friends and famoily ive not seen in a long time

  87. Wrapping the presents and seeing how pretty they look under the tree. 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed wrapping since I learned how to, I’ve gotten much better over the years.

  88. I’m looking forward to my husband taking leave for Christmas, starting next Monday! 🙂 We may not be going anywhere, but at least he will be at home and awake this year! 😛

  89. i love christmas the season it makes me remember the baby christ and what christmas is all about, being with my family and of course the food, i try to help as many needy families as i can but i not well off and i live on disability and money is tight but i do try to help some people around christmas

  90. It surely would be a day to remember Jesus Christ, I don’t mind about presents, it’s more about our Savior. And Vegan food ^_^

  91. My favorite memories of Christmas are those having to do with the innocence of children and their little faces on Christmas morning.

  92. My favorite part of Christmas is definitely decorating and of course spending time with my family!

  93. I do remember a little dog at Kreskys that I wanted and my Grandma Centerburg went back and got it for me for Christmas and its fluff is all gone and its not in good shape but I found it and love it.

  94. My favorite thing about Christmas is watching the happiness on my kids faces when they get just what they wanted! Makes me all teary eyed just thinking about it! Giving IS better than receiving.

  95. My favorite thing about Christmas is all the sounds and smells. Jingle bells, christmas music, cinnamon, baking etc.

  96. Christmas is very special to my family and a great time to spend together playing games, going to movies…especially all the specials on tv. We loved getting hot cocoa and watching them curled up together on the couch!

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