Travel to the Tropics without the Guilt with INVO Coconut Water

INVO Coconut Water

If you’re like me and counting down the days for winter to end, you’re probably dreaming of being on a warm, tropical vacation. I love the changing seasons in Northern Missouri but I don’t love the snow, ice and freezing temps. When traveling isn’t possible, INVO Coconut Water “Tropical” can transport you to that warm beach with you ever leaving your house!

Honestly, I love anything coconut. I love to eat and drink coconut. I constantly soak my body in coconut oil (I love Carrington Farms coconut oil). I love everything about it! There are so many uses for coconut that are so beneficial to our health.

INVO Coconut Water “Tropical” is just as beneficial for us. It’s packed with 5 essential electrolytes, low in sugar and 99% fat free. It’s even a great source of vitamins C and B. INVO’s cold pasteurization process locks in all the nutrients, giving that freshly cracked coconut experience, just as nature intended. It is never frozen, never heated and has nothing artificial added, making it a healthy beverage choice to experience the tropics without the guilt.

Taste the True Freshly-Cracked Coconut Water Experience!

Did you know the coconuts actually grow on palm trees? They are picked one by one and they cold-pasteurize the coconut water with pressure of 60 km below sea level. INVO is loving cold-crafted straight from the coconut in Thailand, where it is said the best tasting coconuts are grown.

INVO Coconut Water

Coconut water has more potassium than one banana! It’s also super hydrating! Coconuts may be the latest health craze but they are proven to be very good for us. Coconut water helps with a long list of conditions, from hangovers to cancer and kidney stones.

INVO Coconut Water is never made from concentrate and their unique High Pressure Process ensures they capture and retain all the natural ‘fresh taste’, aroma and nutrition we enjoy!

In addition to the Tropical, INVO Coconut Water is available in Pure and Sencha Green Tea.

INVO Coconut Water

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INVO Coconut Water

If you are on looking for healthy options try our green superfood smoothie or superfood bites!

INVO Coconut Water will be available for sale online soon but for now you can find it at most local health food stores such as Whole Foods Natural Grocers!

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