Should You Encourage Kids To Play Sports? Yes!

Are you eager to get your kids interested in sports? We can’t really blame you, particularly with the latest reports on levels of child obesity in the country reaching an all time high. And, with other activities taking more of their time and interest, getting kids to engage in sports is becoming more difficult. They would far rather talk to their friends online or perhaps stare at a screen playing video games. So, already you’re facing an uphill battle getting kids interested in sports. But, if you take my advice, it can be a lot easier than you think.

encourage kids to play sports

Find A Sport That’s Right For Them

The first step is finding the right sport for them that suits their body and their skills. For instance, if your child is tall and has great hand-eye coordination, basketball might be an awesome sport for them to try. Or, how about if they are quite stocky with an average height. If that’s the case, they might want to give boxing a shot. Perhaps they’re a little bit of a daredevil and are quite light on their feet. Then, believe it or not, skateboarding could be a great choice.

There are quizzes online that can provide you with all the information on which sport is most suitable and why. All you have to do is enter some basic information and you’ll soon have the right results. Of course, being the right type for the sport, doesn’t mean your kid will enjoy it.

That’s why, you should think about giving them lots of different experiences with various sports. You can do this by arranging family days out where they’ll be able to try out plenty of different types of activities. One day you might take them to the golf course or shooting range. Or, if you want to start off small, how about miniature golf. This does teach kids all the typical skill of actual golf.

Kit Them Out

Don’t let your kids feel odd when they participate in a new sport. Instead, make sure that they are kitted out. If you buy them the outfit, this might even encourage them to get more into it. For instance, if you want them to try soccer you should definitely purchase soccer shoes. American football? Then make sure you’re picking up a jersey of their favorite player.

You can get them smaller pieces of kit too such as headbands. Stores such as Suddora have a huge range of different sweatbands and headbands, perfect for kids you want to encourage to try a more active lifestyle. Since you can buy in bulk, you can even kit out the whole family!

encourage kids to play sports

Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, you should make sure that you encourage your kid to practice whatever sport they choose. Remember, practicing will lead to a more rewarding experience playing in a team. You can encourage them to do this by purchasing the equipment that they can use to practice at home.

If you take this advice, your kid will be on the sports field in no time at all.

Melanie Kampman

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