How to Make Cornstalk Bundles for Fall Yard Decorating

Fall Yard DecoratingHow to Make Cornstalk Bundles for Fall Yard Decorating

One of the biggest reasons I love living in Northern Missouri is because we get to really experience all of the four seasons. That being said, Fall is one of my absolute favorites! My Mom and I absolutely love to decorate our yards for fall.

A while back I done a post on how to decorate your yard for fall so I thought this time I would focus on how to make cornstalk bundles for your fall decorating. Of course, I know you can probably buy these corn bundles in the city but I am sure they are outrageously expensive. If you don’t have your own cornfield, I suggest asking a farmer if you can cut a few cornstalks down out of their field. Ask them what they would charge for them. I am sure it would be much more cost effective than buying them already made.

Fall Yard Decorating

Once you have your cornfield, here’s the supplies you’ll need:

  • corn knife or something to cut down the cornstalks that is very sharp
  • wire
  • wire cutters

Fall Yard Decorating

Once you get to the field, you’ll want to use your corn knife to cut the stalks off at the bottom. One quick whack does it if your knife is sharp enough. Think about where you will be putting your bundles to know how many to put into one bundle. Be sure to lay each bundle on a long wire. You’ll use this later. I go ahead and create bundles as I cut them down so I know exactly how many I will need. It takes a lot more cornstalks than you might think.

Fall Yard Decorating

Once you have your bundles made, take the wire that is on the bottom of your bundle and put it around the bundle to secure it. Now you can easily load your bundles into your truck or whatever you are hauling them in.

Fall Yard Decorating

Fall Yard Decorating

I put the cornstalks bundles by a pyramid of straw bales in my front yard. Since it’s in the yard with no way to secure it, I drive a steel fence post into the ground to wire them bundle to. You also need to think about how windy it can get. Be sure you have those bundles secure! You don’t want your hard work blowing away!

Fall Yard Decorating

I also put cornstalk bundles on the posts on the front of my house. I just secure the wire and bundle around each post. I usually use a few pieces of wire at the top and middle so I know it’s secure.

Fall Yard Decorating

I’ve shown below in the video how we gather our cornstalks to make bundles for our yard.

How do you decorate your yard for fall?

Melanie Kampman

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  1. Those are nice looking stalks.. we have some (not exactly like that) that grow around us, and we do the same with them..

  2. These came out beautiful! Nice job! you must love coming home to your decorations everyday!

  3. This is so neat! You must have the best looking yard in the neighborhood right now. Great job with this!

  4. Looks beautiful! I wanted to do this for this year but I was to late in the season to find any in my area. Theres always next year, hopefully it comes out as nice as yours.

  5. It looks like so many in the bed of the truck, but then it is the perfect amount on the house. Honestly, it looks so professionally done I would expect to see it in a public area…so beautiful!

  6. We were just at a corn maze yesterday, I wonder if they would let us come take a few of the stalks now that the event is over.

  7. Those decorations remind me of my wedding day! I had hay bales, corn husks and pumpkins at my wedding 😉

  8. great job your yard looks great.wish there was a cornfield near me and somewhere to get big bales of hay.i would love to do something like this in my yard

  9. I love that you are using things found outside. This is such a great outdoor decor post. I love cornstalk bundles. Now, I just wish I had access to that corn field!

  10. Your display came out great. I don’t think I could resist making it spooky, but then it would be only good through Halloween. This makes much more sense.

  11. Well I didn’t even know they did make corn knives. That makes sense though. And I like cornstalks for Fall decorating!! Yours turned out great.

  12. I love the way the yard is decorated! We use to make these stalk bundles when we decorated for Halloween when our daughter was little.

  13. I love how your porch looks with the cornstalk bundles. They are popular around here in SW Ohio too.

  14. When I see decorations like your I wish I lived in a house. I love your house and your huge front yard. Those are really cool and not hard to put together. I love your pretty flowers too. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  15. Such a beautiful yard and this seems like a project I could handle. By the way, living in Pennsylvania, I also enjoy the four seasons.

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