Create a Disney Frozen Kids Breakfast Party with Bounty

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Frozen kids birthday party

If you have kids I’m sure you’ve probably had sleepovers or at least had extra kids during breakfast time. The party doesn’t have to stop… keep it going during breakfast too! Or, start your kids’ birthday off with a fun breakfast party! We’ve partnered with Bounty to create an extra special Disney Frozen breakfast party.

Saturday mornings with kids can be so much fun, but making pancakes together is bound to lead to a mess that needs to be picked-up. The NEW Bounty Frozen Prints Featuring Disney Frozen were here to help every step of the way AND create a fun diy Olaf paper towel craft.

Crafts. Be sure to include a fun craft or something for the kids to create. I had a fun time having the kids create their own Disney Frozen themed paper towel crafts. You can easily recreate the Olaf we made.

Disney Frozen Bounty

Olaf Paper Towel Craft


  • Limited-edition NEW Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen
  • 3 Black Bottle Caps
  • 2 Smaller Bottle Caps (for eyes)
  • Candy Eyes
  • Orange Candy (for nose)
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Small Tree Twigs
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

diy olaf paper towel


Watch the video below to learn how to create your own DIY Olaf paper towel craft using Bounty paper towels.

Use one limited-edition NEW Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen paper towel roll to create your Olaf character.

Disney Frozen Bounty Paper Towels

Draw a mouth on the paper towels with the black marker. Use scissors to cut the twisty for the eyebrows. Take two blue bottle caps, add glue from your glue gun and place for the eyes.

diy olaf paper towel

Use the three black bottle caps with glue for the buttons. Glue on plastic eyes to the blue bottle caps.

diy olaf paper towel

Use an orange piece of candy or whatever you have to glue on a nose.

diy olaf paper towel

Glue on twigs for the hair on top of the paper towel roll and arms on the sides.

diy olaf paper towel

Food. Be sure to make fun food to go with any party. Try making your own character themed pancakes like we did!

olaf pancakes

Olaf Pancakes


  • Pancake Mix
  • Coloring for mix – we used cocoa
  • Squeeze squirt bottles


Use your favorite healthy pancake mix and place in three separate squeeze squirt bottles. Watch the video below to learn how to create your own Olaf pancakes!

I used different amounts of cocoa to darken two of the three bottles of mix.

olaf pancakes

I wanted two different shades of brown plus the regular mix color.

olaf pancakes

olaf pancakes

olaf pancakes

olaf pancakes

olaf pancakes

Print out an Olaf design to come by to create your Olaf pancakes.

olaf pancakes

Be sure to heat is on low when starting your Olaf pancakes so you won’t burn the creation before you get all of the design completed. Once it done you can turn the heat up.

Disney Frozen Bounty

Decorations. Make sure you decorate for your chosen theme. I used vintage style milk glass bottle, blue paper straws, cake stand and my favorite At Home Christmas decorations. Anything that’s blue and winter themed will work perfectly for a Disney Frozen theme. You can even get creative and make your own!

Disney Frozen Bounty

Paper Towels & Napkins. Don’t forget to include themed paper towels & napkins like the limited-edition NEW Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen. I included the paper towels and quilted napkins. They are so much fun and add a special touch.

Disney Frozen Bounty

Besides having an amazing party, you can now make clean up quick and fun for the whole family with limited-edition NEW Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen! I had some Disney Frozen messy fun when creating this fun party.

The NEW Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen are a must-have for any Disney Frozen-related activity. Don’t let messes stay frozen in time. Pick them up quickly! The NEW Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen come in Paper Towels and Quilted Napkins.

Disney Frozen Bounty

Did you know that Bounty is 2x more absorbent vs. the leading ordinary brand? Bounty is also more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer.

Disney Frozen Bounty Prize Pack Giveaway

Will you use the limited-edition NEW Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen for a special occasion? Comment below and share with us!



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  1. the pancakes are adorable! im so glad to see these products from bounty with frozen on them bc I know my LO will love them

  2. These paper towels with Frozen are adorable! The pancakes are adorable too, something my kids would enjoy helping with! Awesome prize pack! My kids absolutely loves Frozen!

  3. Don’t know if my comment showed up. I watched the Pancake Video and I really think I could do this with these instructions!

  4. What a fun idea for a Saturday morning breakfast! The pancakes are really cute, and I love the paper towel Olafs! Such a clever idea.

  5. So many cute frozen and Olaf ideas and fun, my grandson would love doing a lot of these with his grandmother.

  6. Those pancakes are so cute! I would need a ton of paper towels to clean up the mess my kids would make from helping me prepare them.

  7. That is a cute project with the paper towels and my granddaughter loves Olaf, win, win. I plan on trying it tomorrow.

  8. The Olaf pancakes are such a cute idea! My grandsons would be so excited to eat those in the morning!

  9. We have our grandkids stay over a lot and they love Disney’s Frozen!!
    I watched both videos and they are both really clever!! I am definitely going to make the Olaf pancakes for them. I have to buy some squirt bottles.
    But the Bounty Olaf – maybe! And that is only because, I know each kid would want to make their own and keep them!!
    We can’t afford wasting all those rolls!
    It would have to be a special occasion!
    Thanks for the ideas and videos!

  10. All these fun crafts and recipes look so fun I know I would have just as much fun as the kids doing them and eating them! 🙂 I love Bounty it is my go to brand all the time!

  11. I love the pancakes – they came out too cute! I’d have to mess some up so I could eat them! LOL

  12. So cute! I am going to attempt to make an olaf pancake for my granddaughter when she stays over our house.

  13. I really love the Disney Frozen themed paper towel craft. It looks so creative and unique! My son and nieces would like to make it for their next birthday’s parties for sure!
    Thank You for sharing!

  14. My granddaughter Luci loves everything to do with Frozen so I’ll have to buy these or not take her shopping with me

  15. I don’t know if I will be using the limited edition paper towels or not but I love your creative art project with paper towels for the kids. I also love your pancakes and I’m going to give them a try. I know my grandchildren will just love them.

  16. These are really cute ideas. I am going to try these with my granddaughter…she loves Frozen. Hopefully I can pull off these pancakes.

  17. This would be awesome project for my great nephews. they would love doing the crafts and making the pancakes

  18. How clever. My Granddaughter would love this. I will have to plan this for a family weekend breakfast. Thank you for posting.

  19. This is the perfect time of year for a Bounty Snowman! The pancakes are adorable! Great craft ideas to share on a cold winter day!

  20. What a great way to enjoy the day and having fun creating disney frozen, I wish I could
    do a good job at making olof , I love all the decorations you added in this.

  21. I left a comment but not sure what happened to it..
    I really love what you did hear, and I think this is a great way to celebrate
    Disney Frozen. I really like that Olof you did , and the decorations are awesome.

  22. I know a special little girl who just loves Frozen. This would be a magical gift to her. And I just know she’d want to try everything on here.

  23. Thank you for sharing. Our grandkids spend the night sometimes and we make faces out of the pancakes. They love it.

  24. This is so neat! I really love the pancakes! This would be perfect for my granddaughter’s birthday. Very creative. Thank you!

  25. With such creative activities and food this would be such a fun sleep over and it would certainly keep the kids occupied.

  26. This looks really fun 🙂 I think we might go with something for lunch or dinner tho, since Frozen can apply to any meal, lol. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  27. I love the Olaf pancakes! My daughter saw the video with me so now I will have to try to make them. Wish me luck haha. Yours came out perfect!

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