Best Easy Steak Fajita Recipe

Best Easy Steak Fajitas

Best Easy Steak Fajita Recipe

Steak fajitas are a favorite in our household. My husband insists they are the best he’s every tasted even comparing to any restaurant. So, I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe! Please adjust according to how many people you will be feeding. I fix this for our family of three but we always have leftovers and I enjoy being able to heat one up for a quick meal.


  • 3 bell peppers – I like to use a variety of red, green, yellow or orange and if I have them available from my garden I will throw in jalapenos and sweet banana peppers.
  • 1 onion
  • 1 pkg. Great Value Fajita Seasoning – I think this is the key to them tasting delicious.
  • 2 8 oz. Steaks – I like to use a good cut of beef like Rib-eye, sirloin, etc. Don’t skimp on your cut of steak!
  • Tortillas
  • Butter
  • Fixings – lettuce, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, salsa
  • 2 T. canola oil

Here’s a quick video on how to create these amazing steak fajitas and I’ve included step-by-step instructions below.


Best Easy Steak Fajitas

Heat canola oil in a pan on your stove top – medium heat. 

Slice peppers and onion.

Best Easy Steak Fajitas

I season my steak with salt and pepper.

Put your steak on your grill, indoor grill or broil in the oven.

I always cook our steak on our charcoal grill but just got this new T-Fal grill that is amazing for indoor grilling. Amazing!

Add peppers and onion to pan now that your oil has heated.

Add a package of seasoning to your veggies. Sometimes we had a package and half. Just do a taste test before serving.

Best Easy Steak Fajitas

While your veggies are cooking check your steak. We like ours medium-rare so it doesn’t take too long. You don’t want to over cook it here because it will keep cooking with your veggies.

Once the steak is done, slice into strips.

Best Easy Steak Fajitas

Add your steak strips to veggies.

Best Easy Steak Fajitas

You might need to add more seasoning here. Stir everything together well. Lower heat to simmer.

Heat another pan on the stove. Do not add any oil. This will be for your tortillas. Please do not microwave them. They are delicious when cooked on the stove.

While that pan is heating, start getting your fixings ready.

I always shred my cheese at this time. Don’t buy already shredded cheese.

It is gross.

Yes, it is gross.

Always buy delicious cheese to shred yourself. Yes it takes more time but it is so worth it. I always get sharp cheddar for my fajitas and tacos.

You can also get your lettuce, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream ready.

Once the other pan has heated take a tortilla and smear one side with butter completely. A thin layer.

Best Easy Steak FajitasDon’t use a whole tub on one side. You might need to add a bit of cooking spray to your pan so it doesn’t stick. Put your tortilla in the pan, butter side down. Now butter the top side while it is cooking on the other side. Flip it. Flip it again if you need to. Just don’t let it stick or you will have a mess!

Cook each tortilla.

Now everyone can fix their own tortillas and it is delicious!

Best Easy Steak Fajitas

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  1. This recipe looks delicious and so easy! My husband loves his steak, and always get steak everything when we go out. I know that he would absolutely love these as well! Thanks for the great recipe, I will definitely be trying this one out very soon!

  2. I love making Fajita Recipes. I like chicken fajitas, never had steak before. Love how quick and easy this is to make. Great recipe that everyone will love in my house.

  3. I really like steak fajita’s. I have them often when we go out to eat. I am going to try this recipe at home. Thank you for sharing

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