Where to Take Your Kids for Their First Vacation

Going on holiday with kids can be tough, especially when it’s their first vacation. You want to be able to keep a balance. The adults want to relax, and most young children want to play and explore. You also want to make sure that there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. Believe it or not, there are more kid-friendly places to visit than you think, so pack up your little girls bikini, chuck in the boys swimming trunks, and hop on a plane to the destination of your choice.


Yellowstone National Park
America’s first national park, Yellowstone is located mostly in Wyoming, however the park also spreads into parts of Idaho and Montana. Featuring dramatic canyons, beautiful forests, alpine rivers, hot springs and some of the highest concentration of geysers in the world, visiting Yellowstone means that the kids get to explore the wonders of nature and play outside, which in today’s day and age is very hard to come by. Whilst there, make sure you see Old Faithful, a geyser that shoots sky-high every 90 minutes! If the adults want to do something a little more relaxed check out some of the multi-colored hot springs or go wildlife watching; the national park is a great place to spot elk, bears, bighorn sheep, bison and even wolves! Have a look at more exciting things to do here!

Yellowstone National Park
Photo by Luis Perdigao via Unsplash.com.

Lake Champlain, Vermont
Lake Champlain, Vermont, situated on the Canadian border of Quebec, is a natural fresh water lake with stunning views. This destination has a great balance of needs, as the adults can chill out by the beautiful lake if desired and the children can explore the surrounding woodland. If you don’t want to spend all your time by the lake, go a little further inland and visit the famous military forts, museums, and art venues. However, one thing you must do is visit Ausable Chasm, take a look at the famous Elephant’s Head and Rainbow Falls. You can even take a family float tour through the whirlpool basin and grand flume.


Copenhagen, Denmark
Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is home to just over two million people. With inspiring landscapes, fairytale castles, fabulously colored buildings and a culture where kids and adults are treated equally, Copenhagen should be top of your list! Families can visit the national aquarium, which houses over 20,000 animals. Take a trip to two of the oldest amusement parks in the world, and wander around the Science Center, Open Air Museum and the zoo!

Denmark travel
Photo by Mantas Hesthaven via Unsplash.com.

Paris, France
Paris is the most visited city in Europe. The city is filled with interesting street performers and tasty treats. Obviously the main attraction is the Eiffel Tower, but why don’t you explore the Luxembourg gardens where the kids can have a bit of a run around and you can relax and admire the gardens? Or you could opt to visit the many museums, galleries and parks that Paris has to offer. You can even take a ride on Paris’s famous carousel. The French capital is very easy to navigate, which makes this place a must visit when you have children.

Paris travel
Photo by John Towner via Unsplash.com.

London, England
England is the home of Mary Poppins, Peter Pan and Harry Potter. London is the birthplace of classic childhood book characters, so where else would you want to take the family to discover the fantasy this city has to offer? London is filled to the brim with real life castles, towers and guards that can send your child’s imagination running wild! For something a bit more outdoorsy, the family can explore London’s many parks such as Hyde Park, St James’ Park and Regents Park! Walking through St James Park will take you to see Buckingham Palace too. Make sure you don’t miss out on the beauty of Kensington Gardens if natural beauty is something you crave.

London travel
Photo by Manuele Sangalli via Unsplash.com.

Something Exotic

Costa Rica
If you fancy a trip that’s a little more exotic, look no further than Costa Rica. Costa Rica is located within central America with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. You can explore and look for interesting wildlife, have a look in the canopies for sloths, monkeys and macaws, or rummage through the undergrowth and see if you can spy some bizarre mini beasts or a poison arrow frog or two! If you want even more excitement, there are amazing river rafting and zip-lining opportunities, however if you want to unwind after a jam packed day you can visit the natural hot springs!

Whatever your vacation preference, with these destinations you’ll be able to find something the whole family will enjoy and make a memorable first vacation for your children!

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