Think About Your Family Before You Put The Key In The Ignition

A lot of us forget how dangerous driving actually is. After all, we get into the habit of doing it every single day. But millions of people die around the world in road accidents. Therefore, it’s always important to ensure you are driving safely for the sake of your family. Here are some things you should consider before you start driving to ensure the kids are kept safe.

Think About Your Family
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Have you checked their seat belts?

It’s so vital that your family are wearing a seat belt in the car. After all, if you get into an accident, it could make the difference between life or death for your family member. In fact, studies have found your family in the back seats are more likely to survive with seat belts on. Therefore, before you start driving, it’s important to make sure the kids are belted up. Look back and check they are all protected before you drive off. And if your kids don’t like to wear one (they often state it’s uncomfortable), you can get some seat belt pads which easily fit onto the wiring and make it more comfortable for your kids. You can even get ones with fun characters to help encourage your children to belt up!

Have you got an emergency kit with you?

You might think that your car is in good knick and is unlikely to run into trouble. But if you break down, it’s so important to be prepared. After all, you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road having to wait for a passing officer to ask for help. Therefore, make sure you carry some tools in the back with you. Also, items like a torch and phone charger can ensure you can sort the problem quickly. And blankets would also be good to keep the kids warm if you are stuck out for several hours. Here are some other items you need in your emergency kit.  It would be a good idea to take the number for your insurance company too so that you can ring them if you do get into trouble on the road!

Have you had a glass of tipple?

Alcohol and driving are not a winning combination. In fact, you are at much higher risk of getting into an accident if you have had a couple of alcoholic drinks. And then you will be seeking a DWI attorney to assist you with your charges. While you might feel in control after a couple of drinks, your reaction times will be slower, and you are more likely to make poor decisions. Therefore, for the sake of your family, turn off the ignition and find a different way to transport to the location!

And remember to ensure you pass on safe practices to your teens when they start driving. After all, it’s more common than ever for them to make errors such as driving after drinking or checking their phone! And it could not only get them in serious trouble, but it could cause them to get seriously injured in an accident too. Therefore, make sure you brush up their skills!

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