The Perfect Homemade Latte

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Addiction to latte is real, people. Don’t anyone tell you otherwise! Millions of individuals around the world love the warmth, the sweetness, the effect of the caffeine, and the fact that they can make it last longer than most savory treats. However, those cups from your favorite cafés can start adding up, budget-wise. Also, the disposable sleeves, lids, and cups that are responsible for holding the drink can result in unnecessary waste.

Luckily, your favorite latte isn’t just reserved for the java spots. With the right tools and ingredients, you can replicate the same taste and experience. Here’s how to make a perfect latte at home:

Get the Right Machine

A decent espresso machine falls in the $600-$3000 range. Work out how much you’re willing to spend on one and don’t forget to factor in a good grinder. To make a milk-based coffee, it’s worth spending on a machine that features individual boilers for the steam and the coffee; the user can jump straight from making espresso to texturing the milk and is less likely to experience watery texture. Inferior machines increase the milk’s volume without adding much texture, resulting in wet steam.

Keep Syrup on Hand for Flavor

For delicious lattes, it’s crucial to have different syrups at hand. For instance, Orgeat Syrup (almond) is essential for making Almond Earl Grey Lattes. It’s the secret ingredient that gives the famous latte its taste. The syrup with its enhanced nutty aroma and subtle sweetness adds an authentic, balanced flavor to coffee beverages. Likewise, Amoretti Butterscotch Syrup is the key to adding a distinct buttery, dairy depth in a Smoked Butterscotch Latte recipe.

Invest in High-Quality Beans

Good latte requires high-quality beans. For the best taste, choose organic espresso from places like Whole Foods. You may also find useful options on Amazon. Once you’ve made a purchase, place the whole beans in an airtight space (containers work best) and then grind them with a tool like a burr grinder before you move on with brewing. Alternatively, if you’re good friends with a barista, have them do it at the shop. Ensure beans grind to the very-fine consistency and are always stored in airtight containers.

Select Your Milk & Steam-It

Full cream milk is the best choice. It is more elastic and contains more fat and therefore textures much better than boutique milk when steamed. The fat and protein in this form of milk bind with the air to give that latte its texture. While all sorts of milk can be textured, the soy kind tends to fall apart and can cause the latte to split. For steaming the milk, just put it in a mason jar, microwave, and there you have it. Alternatively, you can do it with a steam wand; place it into the milk beneath the surface, switch on the wand, and watch the volume expand as the air binds to the milk. The user should keep spinning until he/she touches 40 degrees, and then lower the wand deeper into the milk to heat it 20 degrees further. That’s all.

To make a hot latte, add two tablespoons of your syrup of choice into a large mug. Then brew your espresso with the machine and add it to the cup. You can add a single or double shot, but keep it 1/3 half espresso and the rest milk. Use a spoon to hold the foam back, and put steamed milk in the rest of the mug. Top with a spoonful of foam if preferred. Enjoy your fresh homemade latte!

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