The Most Unexpected Places People Have Found Love

Unexpected Places Love
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The world seems to get more depressing every single day with political upheavals, war atrocities, and the continued output of Justin Bieber. I have had enough of all of this doom and gloom and so I’d thought I’d spend a little time focusing on something positive and so I decided I’d write a quick article about some of the really interesting and unexpected places people have found love, in the hope that it might warm your icy hearts.

Scrubs,in my opinion, was one of the greatest American sitcoms every produced. It was the most bittersweet show every made and usually featured bizarre, whimsy combined with raw emotion that could have you weeping and laughing in the same minute. One of my favourite stories from the show is a love story and no this isn’t about two celebrities who had an affair and started dating after meeting on the show, because that happens all the time, on every show, and it is really, really boring. For one of the episodes, the character JD and his on and off again girlfriend Elliot do a bungie jump and of course the two actors were far too precious so they hired two stunt people to perform the jump. These people had never met before and on the first meeting did a joint bungee jump. Cut to a few years later and they were married.

There’s no doubting that bingo, whether online or in a town hall, is an exciting game that is enjoyed around the world, but can it really help you find love? Apparently it can, as that was the story behind two people from England who met whilst talking on the Sun Bingo chatrooms. There is always a lot of banter on these chatroom, apparently, and it led to two regular players meeting, getting married, and recently having a child together. Lovely.

Photo Credit Morgan Sessions via
Photo Credit Morgan Sessions via

Hope in the Dark
The Boston Marathon bombing that happened April 15, 2013, was one of the worst events in the past 5 years of American history, however amongst the devastation there was a story of hope that emerged from such trauma. James Costello was badly wounded during the tragedy and had to undergo many surgeries. He was eventually moved to the Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital to aid in his recovery. It was during his time here that he befriended his nurse, which eventually became love and the couple married in the summer of 2014. Many lives were irrevocably changed after the bombing, but at least for one couple, it was for the better.

80 Year Romance
It’s hard having to wait for someone you love, but imagine having to wait 80 years before marrying. A couple from Somerset first met and became childhood sweethearts before the war, but then it came time for Bob Humphries to join. He wrote to his sweetheart, Bernie Bluett, during the war, but his letters were never received by Bernie, because of her protective parents. Bernie eventually married another man and moved to New Zealand, thinking that Bob had abandoned her. Cut to 2011, both Bob and Bernie’s partners had died and contact was re-established by Bernie’s daughter and the two were reunited where they married each other like they should have done all those many decades ago. If you’re not touched by that story then you are dead inside!

Hopefully that gave you something to smile about in these times of pain and suffering that is plastered across every news channel. If only they would give stories like this the headlines, instead of fearmongering and hatred.

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