The Best Of Both Worlds: How Not To Compromise At Home

In life, it seems as though we have to compromise on everything. In relationships, it’s all about making room for what the other person wants. In work, it’s about compromising to make room for your colleagues’ views. It never ends, and that can get tiring.

But, even in places where you don’t expect to compromise, it rears its ugly head. You would’ve thought, after all, that you could have things how you want in your home. But, then you have to consider what’s on offer, or what your family wants. Before you know it, you’re compromising here, too.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you can’t get your home the way you want it, what chance do you have in every other area? Obviously, you can’t disregard what everyone else wants. And besides, some of your desires may be conflicting. Our style choices often are. But, it may be possible to find a middle ground. To prove the point, we’re going to look at a few ways NOT to compromise at home.

The furniture

As furniture plays such a massive role in any house, it seems fair to start here. We have to compromise on our furniture choices in a few different ways. It may be that you want old furniture without the risk of it falling apart. In this instance, opting for modern pieces could work perfectly. Or, you may want a memory foam mattress, while your partner wants a traditional spring option. Why not opt for something like the Avocado green hybrid mattresses which would provide for both of you? There are solutions like these for any issue. Think outside the box, and find out what your alternatives are.

The windows

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You may not think it, but windows can also become a cause for compromise. Most of us would admit to wanting impressive, or traditional style windows. After all, these are the eyes of our home. Every passerby will see them, so it makes sense to want impressive frames. But, there’s a distinct downside to this option – old windows didn’t have double glazing. Failure to install double glazing could leave you cold or broke, depending on how often you’re willing to turn the heating on. But, you don’t have to compromise by getting rid of the frames you love. By contacting window restorers, you could get double glazing panes placed inside those old frames!


Everyone likes their lighting a little different. And, some of our tastes vary depending on the time of day. In the past, you may have had to compromise. Well, not anymore! Instead of settling for one lighting style at all times, incorporate a dimmer switch, and change the light to suit the time of day. Or, if one person wants dim lighting and the other prefers darkness, you could always invest in candles and lamps which would provide more targeted lighting. Again, all you have to do is take the time to consider your options!

Melanie Kampman

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