The Aches of Living

The aging process is a double-edged sword. We are grateful for the opportunity to see each birthday as it comes, yet with each passing year the adulthood brings with it new aches and pains.

As we go from childhood and well into our teen years, most of us feel as if we are invincible. Then, as the twenties reveal adult responsibilities, the seemingly reckless ways of our youth are quickly, or slowly, cast in favor of self-preservation.

aches of living

These efforts can prove to be worthwhile, depending upon our genetic makeup. Not all of us are so fortunate though. A family history of certain medical issues lends itself to our becoming beset by certain difficulties. Arthritis is one of the more common challenges.

Let’s take a few moments to review some tips to protect those body parts affected by arthritis. Then, we will offer some practical advice if your symptoms seem to be outside the scope of arthritis.

Tips for Your Joints

According to the Harvard Medical School, several steps can be taken to manage arthritis. Here is a sampling of them:

– Staying stationary for extended periods of time wreaks havoc on your arthritis. Keep your body in motion. If your job requires sitting, make it a habit to stand and stretch every 15 minutes. The same suggestion applies for when you are at home

– Opening cans and jars can be difficult for arthritic hands and wrists. Eliminate the unnecessary stress on these joints by utilizing can and jar openers that are wall mounted

– When taking the steps, a great way to reduce the stress on your hip or knee is to lead with your “good” leg going up and the “bad” one going down

When the Symptoms Are Worrisome

This is not a medically approved journal, so please bear in mind that a medical professional should always be consulted concerning troubling conditions. With that in mind, it is comforting to know that any symptoms that appear to be out of the ordinary can be “investigated” with the help of the internet.

WebMD offers a symptom checker that is centrally focused on joint pain, stiffness, and decreases in movement. Again, please do not be so foolish as to rely on the internet for your medical diagnosis and treatment options.

Use it instead as your friend, medical companion if you will. Often, our symptoms get worse once we Google what we are experiencing and comply with the search results.

Adults Are Not the Only Ones

aches of living

Your four-legged trusty friend may be suffering from joint dysfunction as well. Far be it from us animal lovers to treat our ailments and leave our pets out of the equation. If your beloved dog needs help with joint restoration, Glyco-Flex helps alleviate those troubling symptoms, and it also contains joint restorative ingredients.

This way, as you get up from the easy chair to stretch and walk, your trusted companion can tag along, pain and discomfort free!

The aches are coming with time. However, steps can be taken to help either alleviate or at least minimize their impact on your quality of life.

Melanie Kampman

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