Power Lunchbox Essentials for Back-To-School

Do you pack lunches for your kids for school? My son’s school actually offers some good lunch options but my son does occasionally take his lunch. It’s great to have a variety of options that are healthy for our kids.

I honestly don’t know of any kids with food allergies at my son’s school but it’s great to have the options. Kids are extremely finicky these days. My son is not a picky eater which I love. When he was little he enjoyed eating a variety of vegetables. I really think if we introduce vegetables and other healthy treats to our children at a young age they develop a great taste for them.

Try these power lunchbox essentials for back to school. They are great options for packing a lunchbox that kids of all ages will love, and that will make parents happy too!

Sneaky Chef

Sneaky Chef® No-Nut Butter is an award-winning delicious nut-butter alternative made from naturally sweet and “nutty” tasting golden peas, but without a trace of peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, or soy. That’s right, GOLDEN PEAS! That means it’s made from pea protein – the high quality, plant-based protein source that is getting tons of nutrition buzz these days. Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butters are produced in a nut-free facility and are all natural, gluten-free and contain no high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils and no artificial colors or flavors. Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter is available in two varieties, Smooth and Chocolate – both available in 18 ounce jars and Smooth in these convenient grab-and-go cups. Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter is an indulgent peanut butter alternative that is so good, everyone will love it, allergies or not!

Lunchbox Essentials

Sneaky Chef if also thrilled to share that we’ve partnered with Annie’s Homegrown to develop Pea B&J Pockets made with golden pea butter! Like their Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter jars, Annie’s Pea B&J Pockets are available at Target Stores. You’ll find them in the freezer aisle.

Spiced & Infused Popcorn Inspired by flavors from around the world, Spiced & Infused marries the whole grain goodness of popcorn with real herbs and spices and other pure ingredients to create delicious flavors that take you on a culinary adventure. The unique and delicious herbs and spices used in Spiced & Infused popcorn are known not only for their flavor, but also for their known health benefits, and provide delicious taste with less calories and fat than many other flavored popcorn options. Available in four delicious flavors – Bombay Seasoning, Chipotle Taco, Asian Barbecue, and French Herb, Spiced & Infused popcorn is a great snacking option for the whole family and is perfect for snacks, in lunchboxes, at parties or to take movie night to a whole new level.

Lunchbox Essentials

BANANA WAVE bananamilk Created from one of nature’s most universally-loved fruits, the banana, BANANA WAVE bananamilk is a delicious, creamy and nutrient-filled new option. BANANA WAVE bananamilk begins with a universally loved fruit that is a staple in most households – bananas.

BANANA WAVE bananamilk is vegan, all natural, dairy, gluten and GMO free. BANANA WAVE bananamilk contains three of nature’s “superfoods” – fruit, grains and seeds – making it a nutritious option for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle, active kids, athletes, and of course, banana lovers. It is also an ideal option for vegans, vegetarians, those managing a dairy or nut allergy or for anyone looking for a nutritious alternative milk beverage. Delicious and refreshing on its own as a snack or meal replacement, BANANA WAVE bananamilk is also perfect for smoothies, on cereal or for use in cooking and baking.

Protein Energy Power is an exciting new option for anyone with an active lifestyle (including Kids and Moms getting into the new Back-To-School routine!) who is looking for a natural, plant-based protein supplement. Protein Energy Powder is a versatile peanut-based energy drink that is perfect for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle – from an ideal pre- or post- workout supplement to a perfect solution for a balanced on-the-go breakfast for moms getting their kids out the door in the morning.

What lunchbox essentials do you pack for your kids? Comment below and share with us!

Melanie Kampman

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