Making the Most of your Garage (Extensions)

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A garage doesn’t have to be a place to keep your car and nothing else. Of course, its main purpose is to keep your car safe from the elements, damage and possible theft. However, there are ways in which you can better utilise the space, especially if you have limitations in the home, or have a smaller home/fewer rooms than you need, to accommodate a large family. So, when considering how to utilise the garage, consider a few of these tips.

Pile up

If being used for storage, consider installing shelving throughout and install cabinets which go up vertically. Especially if you are working with a small 1-2-car garage. The more you can pile vertically while keeping things in order, the easier it is going to be for you to utilise the entire space when you need more storage space in the garage.

Consider adding hooks for hanging items

From having bikes, to hanging the kids’ play toys or gear for sports you can pick the clutter off the ground and create a streamlined, neater space in the garage. Doing this not only opens up the space so you can see and walk through it but also helps you easily find the things that you need when you are short on time or in a hurry to run out the door.

Convert it

If you have a larger garage, you can choose to keep a portion for parking the cars and convert the other area for a game room, a ‘man-cave’ or a home theater. No matter how you plan on using the space, with a larger garage you can create borders throughout so that you know how to maintain the space and so you can truly enjoy the space playing with the kids or simply kicking back and relaxing for a while on the weekends.

Make a bedroom

Another way to convert the garage would be to convert it into livable space. This is ideal if your home does not have enough rooms or if the kids are bugging you for their own bedroom. Not only can you create a huge bedroom in the garage space you can wire it for electrical, ac/heating, you can add furniture and even update the flooring and walls, to create that ‘homey’ feel for the kids or for the guest room you are going to make using the garage space. The way you utilise it and decorate it is truly only limited by your imagination and the things/décor you love. Garage conversions can also add to the resale value.

Sometimes you just don’t have enough space in the home, no matter how large it might look from the outside in; if this is the case, the garage can double up as a nice converted room or storage space, to add a little more livable room to the home. There are many ways you can convert and use the space. So, make sure you know what your options are, set your budget, and choose the décor and themes you love, to ensure the space is welcoming, and looks how you want it to look, once it is converted.

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