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As we approach the end of spring, I have one question for all my readers. Are your homes ready for the summer season? Through winter, you can get away with your house looking a little messy and worse for wear. But as we approach summer, people are outside, in their gardens and neighbors definitely begin competing to make their properties look the best. It can be great fun to reinvent your garden, decorate the exterior and essentially make your home look brand new as well as unique. Of course, if you’re stuck for ideas, you’ll find some great possibilities right here.

Great Gardens

home shine
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Let’s start with a big idea and work our way backward by thinking about water features. Now, you might be thinking that water features, while cool, are going to be expensive and require a lot of maintenance work. But that doesn’t have to be true, and there are plenty of water features that can be set up at a minimum cost. You can even build one with DIY.

For a DIY water feature, you’ll need to dig a small trench on an area of your garden. You might want to put this on the edge of the grass at the front of your home. You can then lay a pipe down that you can connect to a water source from your garage. Fill in the trench and at the end, put some stones and rocks. Turn the water on, and it will run over the rocks looking very impressive. With no maintenance needed, you’ll be able to decide how much water you use and when it’s switched on. That’s just one of the options.

You could also consider adding some tropical plants, flowers, and shrubbery to your garden. With a feature like this, you can really make your garden stand out from the rest of the homes on the street due to the vastly different aesthetic. You can actually buy plants like this online and easily get them placed around your front yard.

Or perhaps, the problem is that you garden is looking a little worse for wear. If you have a pet, you may be dealing with the problem of brown, dead grass. To fix this, you should think about using some grass greener. This works a treat and can make your garden look picture perfect once more.

Aside from this, there may be little maintenance issues such as a garden fence that hasn’t been painted in a while or weeds around paving stones. However, these issues are easily solved and just require a little hard work.

Roof Repairs

home shine
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Homeowners don’t tend to think that much about the roofs of their home. There’s a simple reason for this. The state of the roof doesn’t really affect us unless we’re outside looking up at it. Of course, that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing through the summer when we’re sitting outside in our gardens. As well as this, if there is a problem with your roof, it is better to get it sorted in summer rather than leaving it hanging over your head through the autumn and winter windy, wet months of the year.

To do this, you can think about getting a roof inspection. You can actually arrange for inspections like this to take place annually to ensure that problems don’t catch you off guard.

Problems with the roof can range from a hole in the roof to a little build up of dirt. If there’s a hole in the roof, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. It may not seem like a major issue, but it can lead to problems like damp as well as birds flying in and setting up home. As for dirt and stains on the roof, you can check out A Cleaner Choice for roof cleaning products and chemicals reviews. There you’ll find plenty of information about how to make sure that your roof looks absolutely spotless.

Back Garden Delights

home shine
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Truth be told not many people are going to see your back garden, so any changes that you make are really for your pleasure only. Still, summer brings a fantastic opportunity to completely reinvent your garden and ensure that it’s the perfect place to spend those warm evenings.

Since we’re thinking about the evenings, one of the best options would be to add some lighting to your backyard. The right lighting can give the place a beautiful ambiance, perfect for drinks with guests or even an outdoor dinner party. There are plenty of different lighting styles to choose from so you can find the perfect pick for your home.

Aside from lighting, you might also want to think about creating a beautiful seating area for your backyard to enjoy the summer scents and views. Gone are the days when garden furniture meant cheap plastic folding chairs and wicker tables. Now, you can get furniture that will make your garden as comfortable and luxurious as your front room. And if you don’t have a place for seating, you can always build one with the help of a pro landscaper. They’ll be able to lay down some paving stones to create the perfect area for you to enjoy a drink or two with friends and family.

Or, if you have kids, you can head in a completely opposite direction. Instead of making your garden a classy place to wine and dine, you can make it a fun area filled with activities for the kids. For instance, you can purchase a new trampoline. If you’re worried about the dangers of a feature like this, there’s a rather great solution. You can get a trampoline sunk into the ground. That makes it more difficult for kids to hurt themselves, particularly if you still have protective cover around it.

Other Exciting Features

home shine
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Really, we’re only scratching the surface of the type of features you can add and change around the exterior of your house for summer. For instance, to match the vibrant season, you can think about purchasing a new front door. You can get a beautiful pinoak, red door that is sure to make your home stand out from the rest of the street. Or, you could think about opting for a door with glass windows with images imprinted on the glass. You could even change a large area surface of your house by replacing your garage door with a moder modern variation. Again, this could completely alter the look of your home and make your neighbors positively green with envy.

Or alternatively, you could go in a completely different direction. Let’s stop thinking about cosmetic improvements and consider a change that could be beneficial in more ways than one. This is the possibility of adding solar panels to the roof of your home. With solar panels, you’ll be able to save a fortune in energy charges through the hottest months of the year. You might be slightly worried about the original installation cost, but this can be managed due to the help you can receive from the government and environmental agencies.

This is certainly a change worth thinking about making to your home if you live in an area with a hot climate and plenty of sun exposure. You might find that through the summer season your bills drop down to zero with your own solar panels installed! You can start researching this possibility right now

We hope you have fun making some of these changes and ensuring that your home positively glistens in the summer sun.

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