Kaitlin Olson on Finding Dory and the Importance of Family

Kaitlin Olson interview

I binge watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia last winter by myself, late at night. It’s really the only time I get to catch up on shows. Why had I never seen this show? I instantly became a fan of the show and Kaitlin Olson’s character Dee, Sweet Dee, who was sweet but a bit violent if anyone crossed her.

Kaitlin instantly gave off that sweet vibe as she walked in the room finishing off a cookie, just like I’d watched with her character in Always Sunny. She was so refreshingly genuine.

Finding Dory Destiny
Destiny in Finding Dory

In Finding Dory Kaitlin is the voice of Destiny, a whale shark that’s a clumsy swimmer with terrible eye sight.

I like that she can’t swim well and that she’s imperfect. There’s just something so great about that. There’s something imperfect about all of the characters but they are making it happen and helping each other out. That’s what I like about her. – Kaitlin Olson on her character Destiny in Finding Dory

Not only do we hear Dory speak whale in the movie but Destiny and Bailey (Ty Burrell) as well. Just like Ellen, Kaitlin said she tries not to speak whale as often as possible. I bet it took a lot out of their voices! She said at the end of every session Andrew Stanton (director) and Lindsey Collins (producer) would apologize and then say we just need a little bit more whale. Kaitlin was embarrassed and felt so dumb doing it but she gave them more whale!

Luckily, her and Ty Burrell created this fun video for us to enjoy their whale talk.

Kaitlin was excited to tell us about her kids watching the movie at the Finding Dory premiere. She said her youngest (4) said he hated the scary squid (Hank) but her oldest (5) loved the scary squid. Hank (Ed O’Neill) is a pretty mischievous octopus!

When Kaitlin was asked to do the movie she said yes before even knowing her character. She loves Pixar and the messages their movies bring to kids. It would be something her kids could watch and be familiar with her voice. They weren’t familiar with her on the big screen just yet since It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not something she lets her kids watch. Dee may be sweet but she does have a crazy side. Haha!

Kaitlin Olson interview

Being able to take her family to watch Finding Dory was very important to Kaitlin. She didn’t go to the movies very often as a kid but her family always sat down together on Thursday nights to watch Cheers. She is excited to work on things where her family can get excited and watch together. If you’re familiar with Always Sunny then you know her husband Rob McElhenney who plays alongside her in the show.

Kaitlin Olson interview
HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 08: Actresses Ellen DeGeneres (L) and Kaitlin Olson attend The World Premiere of Disney-Pixar’s FINDING DORY on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney).

Kaitlin’s character, Destiny, and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) find themselves working together for one thing – family. Together they learn that you can create your own family with the people around you. She said no one is perfect or has a perfect life. She said she’s dealing with that right now with one of her sons who is a perfectionist. He thinks the world will end if the Legos fall apart but she’s trying to teach him that no one is perfect. Just keep swimming is the perfect message for him.

I think everyone agrees that baby Dory was adorable and turned out to be Kaitlin’s favorite part. Pixar movies can be so emotional but perfect for your kids because they are also funny and sweet. Her sons really loved the seal and sea lion who are absolutely hilarious! Kaitlin also loved the characters Becky and Gerald. They are great additions to the movie but I don’t want to give out any spoilers!

Finding Dory Destiny
Destiny, Bailey and Dory

Kaitlin’s character Destiny has a lot of scenes with Ty Burrell’s character Bailey. They got to work together a couple of times. Kaitlin said she loved working with Ty because he is so funny, kind and generous. A lot of actors doing voice overs like to work alone but Kaitlin really enjoys working with another actor.

Here’s a great clip of Destiny, Bailey and Dory.

They worked in four or five hour voice over sessions over the course of four years. Kaitlin did eight or nine sessions over that time. She said it was great because she’d go in, have a fun day and then be off for a month. They would send her a new script and she’d go back in to do it again.

Kaitlin Olson interview

Kaitlin really enjoyed working with director Andrew Stanton. He is wonderful with actors and she likes his sensibility. He is great at giving direction in a way that helps you figure out how you might need to do a part differently. She said he actually acted out the other lines of characters that weren’t there so you actually feel like you’re working with other actors when doing your voice overs by yourself.

Kaitlin Olson interview
HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 08: Actress Kaitlin Olson attends The World Premiere of Disney-Pixar’s FINDING DORY on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney).

Destiny being a bad swimmer actually did not come about until later in creating the movie. They really wanted Kaitlin to try to sound wobbly like she was having a hard time swimming. Andrew got her a balance board to stand on to try to make her off balance. She apparently has great balance because she had to end up faking being off balance which was a challenge. They quickly got rid of the balance board.

Finding Dory Destiny
Destiny and Dory.

Her character has to yell quite a bit so it was a challenge to not lose her voice. She was disappointed in herself for losing her voice so quickly sometimes. The whale speaking definitely got to her!

Kaitlin said her kids are her main priority and she doesn’t take on roles that will take her away from them too much. She recently agreed to a new pilot, The Mick, which will air on Fox later this year. She is also the producer so she could not only make sure it is the vision she wanted but that she could have more control over the schedule. She always sees her kids throughout the day whether it’s in the morning or bringing them on set after school to play in her trailer. Besides The Mick, she is also in production for season twelve for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Kaitlin Olson interview
HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 08: Actress Kaitlin Olson signs autographs for fans at The World Premiere of Disney-Pixar’s FINDING DORY on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney).

Humor plays an important role in Kaitlin’s life. I can tell, she was hilarious. She likes to surround herself with funny people that aren’t filled with drama and entitlement issues. She’s perfectly happy being a goofball and her kids thinking she’s a goofy idiot. I love that about her!

At the end, Kaitlin thanked us for waiting for her to shove a cookie down her face…

I love how genuine and laid back Kaitlin was when we interviewed her. She was a no drama celebrity that clearly cares a lot about family just like the characters on Finding Dory. She was the perfect addition as Destiny to this sequel of Finding Nemo.

Finding Dory swims in theaters everywhere on June 17th! Watch the trailer below!

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Kaitlin Olson on Finding Dory and the Importance of Family

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