Interior Designs for a Stylish Bedroom

stylish bedroom
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You may consider your kitchen to be the heart of your home, or your living room to be the most important social space, however, you have to admit there is something very special about the bedroom. After all, this is the place where you rest and sleep, and perhaps enjoy romantic moments with a loved one. So the trick to achieving great bedroom design is to take a fluid approach to creating an intimate, appealing space that is also comfortable and stylish.

stylish bedroom
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Key colors

Color palettes for bedrooms often include neutral tones, such as pale gray or magnolia. These are said to promote rest and relaxation, as well as classic choices including light blues and greens. When you want to jazz up the décor you can always add accents such as scatter cushions, throws or even bedding in bright colors.

Perhaps more important, however, is which colors make you feel most comfortable. If dark shades are your personal preference then go for them, as they will undoubtedly improve your ability to unwind and relax.


Furniture trends in bedroom design have evolved as quickly as they have for other living spaces. These days it’s fine to mix retro pieces with contemporary ones and to combine soothing plain colors on walls and floor surfaces with geometric or floral patterned textiles. Just remember to make sure your bed and mattress are as comfortable as possible, no matter what choices you make regarding bed style, bed frame or headboard.

stylish bedroom
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In bedrooms you can experiment with softer options than in other living areas prone to heavy traffic. Use deep pile rugs that are gentle underfoot to encourage you to get up in the morning and help you to unwind at night. Don’t be afraid of upholstering bedroom chairs or ottomans in velvet or silk and make sure dressing gowns are equally comforting.

Quality bedding

Bed linen should be as high quality as you can afford if you want to enjoy a great and very comfortable night’s sleep. Egyptian cotton is a particular favorite as it has the ability to be soft and strong at the same time, making it a truly superior fabric for sheets. Get to know your thread counts, bearing in mind that a thread count of 800 – 1000 is the ultimate in luxury.

stylish bedroom
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Natural light

In what must surely be the age of decluttering, minimalism has been taken to the heart of interior design. Surfaces are clear and clean and treatments for doors and windows are as sparse as possible. Interior shutters are completely on trend and offer the added advantage of unique, innovative ways to control the light, ventilation and privacy of your bedroom. Forget fancy drapes or Roman blinds with fussy frills and embrace instead the geometric lines and smart finishes of contemporary shutters. You can opt for solid wooden panels or plantation shutters depending on where the windows in your bedroom are located.

Internal light

Just as shutters help you to control the daylight in your bedroom, so artificial lighting is an important factor in bedroom design. Floor lighting can create a mellow, more intimate atmosphere for an exotic and romantic effect. Chandeliers hung from a high ceiling are elegant, while Art Deco style bedside lamps offer a softer alternative to reading lights. Don’t forget dimmer switches undoubtedly make an impressive difference no matter what kind of light fittings you have installed, especially when you want to change the atmosphere in your bedroom from sleepy to seductive.

stylish bedroom
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Mirror images

As well as manipulating the influx of sunlight to your bedroom and controlling artificial lighting you can enhance the effects of both by clever positioning of mirrors. These reflect light from any source and will enable you to make the most of light from windows and from lamps. Full length mirrors are really useful in a bedroom if it’s also your dressing room, and you can usually accommodate these on the back of a door or the front of a wardrobe, if space doesn’t permit a freestanding option.

Ditch the technology

Finally, just because a hotel or motel bedroom has a television, wall mounted or otherwise, doesn’t mean you have to replicate this in your bedroom. In fact, watching screens on TVs and handheld devices is the worst thing you can do if you want a good night’s sleep. Instead, take the old-fashioned way and read a few pages or chapters of a book before you settle down for the night.

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