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The most exciting thing about the American economy is the fact that new areas of business and commerce, new careers and disciplines, new ways of marketing and selling products are constantly being created. The video game and online gaming industry is one of these including one of our favorites, the Oddsdigger – new sport betting portal. Just a decade or two ago, this vital economic sector did not even exist and now it is a growing and vibrant discipline employing thousands and being energized by millions of people worldwide.

interactive entertainment

Constantly Reinventing Itself

Interactive entertainment is a field that is constantly reinventing itself. From the new and changing ways that video games are being delivered to customers to the innovative revenue streams that are being developed, things change constantly in this industry. There are new opportunities being developed for the creators of the games as well as for other types of vendors. Video games are being sold in the traditional ways, through retail outlets in a very successful way. It seems that every store you enter has a section, large or small, for video games. Because there are virtually no age range or style limits to the types of video games that can be developed, the market is wide open and growing constantly.  Vendors are also utilizing the internet as a means for delivering their product. Downloading a game on the internet is very popular and requires no packaging or delivery or channel development. This has increased the profit margins and kept costs down for a variety of interactive entertainment venues.

interactive entertainment

Online Game Play

Online game playing is another method of purchasing video games that has become very popular. Charging a monthly fees to players, there is a constant revenue stream for the developers, no delivery costs and a customer loyalty factor that is a gold mine for a good game developer. This also allows the company to re-invest in the game, continually improving it and providing upgrades and new experiences for its subscribers. It has also created a revenue stream for entrepreneurs who are selling upgrades and items to game players separate and apart from the creators of the games. This industry has its own “aftermarket” development. The possibilities are endless from online casinos to sports betting site number 1.

interactive entertainment

Employment Opportunities

The interactive entertainment field has also broadened employment opportunities for artists, graphic designers, programmers and creators of gaming software. There are thousands of people whose sole job it is to draw “cartoons” all day long for the myriad of video games that come to market each month. Compared to so much of commerce, this field is just taking its baby steps. The developments and innovations to come are exciting for both the consumers and creators in this marketplace. Game on!

What’s your favorite thing about interactive entertainment? Do you have a favorite video or online game? Let us know in the comments below!

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