How to Create a Safe Home for Your New Pet

Bringing a new pet home is an exciting time. You have probably spent weeks looking forward to this day, so it is important that you prepare your home in advance, so it is safe for your new friend. So what do you need to do to ensure a cat or dog stays safe?

The Difference between Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are very different creatures. You can leave a cat alone and it won’t give two hoots, but if you work all day and leave your puppy to fend for itself, you can expect to come home to a huge mess and a very upset pooch. In terms of safety, there are different risks associated with cats and dogs, which we will discuss next.

Safe Home for Pets
One of our cats, Ducky, relaxing.

Slippery Floors

Dogs have a real problem on shiny floors. Wooden floors are very common in modern homes, but dogs find it hard to get a grip on this type of floor. If your dog runs across a shiny, smooth floor, he won’t be able to stop and could easily hurt himself. Pulled tendons are common, which can be expensive to fix. To prevent this from happening to your pet, lay rugs down so he is able to gain traction on the floor when he moves at speed. You might not appreciate the new décor, but the alternative is a huge vet’s bill, so take your pick.

Access to the Yard

Certain breeds such as Ragdolls and Burmese are not terribly good at looking after themselves outdoors, so unless you have a safe and secure back yard well away from busy roads and vicious dogs, always keep your cat indoors.

Regular cats love to go outdoors, so unless you want your feline to be a pampered house cat, he will need a door to the yard. Some cats should be kept indoors for their own safety. If you are happy to let your new cat venture outside, install a cat flap in a door. Alternatively, if you intend on leaving your pet outside while you are out of the house, make sure he has shelter in case the weather turns nasty.

Safe Home for Pets
Our puppy Rooster enjoying a nap.

What’s Your Poison?

There are some things in our home that we take for granted, but are deadly poisonous to pets. Plants and flowers are a good example of this. Lilies look lovely, but they are extremely poisonous to cats. Never leave a vase of lilies in your home if you have a cat – just brushing against the pollen and then washing his fur will be enough to kill your cat within 48 hours.

Dogs are susceptible to chocolate. They love sweet things, but chocolate is deadly to them. Store all sweet treats out of sight and make sure the kids don’t give your puppy any chocolate.

Larger pets are just as tricky to deal with, although you are less likely to keep them at home. Ponies need a secure paddock and water. They also need lots of specialist equipment, so buy equine products here at the equine shop.

How to Create a Safe Home for Your New Pet

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