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Even the most seasoned traveler has a lot to learn about the world. That’s the beauty of traveling, you’re never able to ‘finish’ it. Much like fashion, traveling is constantly renewing itself with the times, and your fiftieth visit to a place can feel completely different to your first visit. This is why it’s important to visit the must-see destinations, as well as seeing those just slightly off of the beaten path.

Sometimes though, it’s best to get even more meta, and visit activities you wouldn’t do otherwise in those must-see destinations, rendering them with a new light. Embarking on these original and unusual activities might just lend you a new perspective on a place you thought you’d come to know so well.

Take An Underground Tour In Berlin

After you’ve sorted out your flights and Berlin airport transfers, you probably wouldn’t consider going straight underground to explore the foundations of the cities architecture. However, doing exactly that could lead you to a deeper understanding of the extensive maze of Berlin’s subterranean structuring.

Be sure to check out the twenty-year-old non-profit organization Berliner Unterwelten, as they’ll take you on a guided tour of the hidden tunnels around Berlin. The tour will begin in the Gesundbrunnen train station and then continue through legitimate World War Two bunkers, giving you a feeling of what life was really like during the conflict.

This tour is a must-see for any historical buff or anyone in love with the city of Berlin. You’ll forever wonder what could be hidden under your feet after your tour here, which is a fascinating thing to consider.

Explore The Catacombs In Paris

If you’ve yet to get enough of underground exploring, the catacombs in Paris are some of the most interesting tunnels you can proceed down. Despite a growing culture of ‘cataphiles’ illegally exploring the tunnels, the Parisian councils have allowed certain safe and excavated sections of them to be opened and available for public exploration. Formerly a collection of stone mines, the catacombs stretch to around 186 miles in total length. Nearly 80 yards below the city above, most of the tunnel systems are completely devoid of electricity and light.

If you’re looking for an adventure, the catacombs might just be there to help you out. Be sure to explore safe, legally, and through the official channels, and you’re in for an amazing time.

Sleep Next To Lions In London

You might have read that heading with incredulity. However, it is true that London Zoo offers a ‘Land of the Lions’ enclosure that allows you to sleep right next to their Lion exhibit. This is an amazing place to stay if you’re a tourist to London because it takes you right out of the busy inner-city life to somewhere a little more peaceful, if you consider living near lions peaceful.

With easy transport links to the surrounding city, living for a few weeks in London Zoo might just help you overcome the city blues and rekindle your love for nature. It will also provide you with a relaxing place to lay your head, free from the noise pollution of the city.

Through embarking on these activities you’re likely to encounter more to explore through the contacts you make there. Continue this pursuit and you’re bound to have a better knowledge of even the most well-known cities than a standard tourist would.

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