Benefits of Catalogue Shopping

Benefits of Catalogue Shopping
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Catalogues offer a variety of products in one place, from clothing to electricals and accessories or furniture for the home. You can buy everything in one place for a reasonable price. Below are a few of the many benefits of doing your shopping via catalogue rather than a boutique or large department stores locally.

More selection

Catalogue sites aren’t limited by a storage room for inventory. This means they can sell more, carry more inventory and typically have everything you are looking for in one place. So, you can find more selection, colours, designs and brands on one site compared to a local store or boutique shop where you live.

Free shipping and returns

Most catalogues offer next day shipping, free of charge. And, if you are not happy with an item you can return it usually within a 30-day window, without incurring any penalties. You can also enjoy the items you order online as quickly as the day after you order them.

Financing options

Catalogues offer pay now, financing via monthly or weekly repayment plans and some even offer interest-free financing for higher-priced items you order online. So, you can find more, buy more and spread the cost out over an extended period of time when you choose to place your orders through different catalogue sites.


Catalogues specialise in different categories. You can find some that only sell home furniture, others sell electricals and some sell major appliances. You can find clothing for the entire family in one place and find affordable pricing and discounts/promos, which are updated regularly on different sites. Simply shopping through a few different catalogues allows you to find more selection and find the best prices for the items you want to order online.

You can buy more (build your credit)

Since you are financing items, you can afford more than if you were simply to pay the full purchase price for items at the time of checkout. When you make payments on time each week/month and pay above the minimum due you can also increase your credit score as well. So, you have more to choose from can afford more and can build your credit score over time as well if you don’t have the highest score when you first apply for financing with catalogues.

There are many catalogues you can choose to shop with as a UK-consumer. However, there are some which are better than others for specific items or discounted financing and interest rates. For these reasons, before you buy or choose which catalogues you will purchase from it is worth taking the time to compare a few and their terms of purchase to find those which work best for you and your budget. Doing this will result in more purchases, more affordable pricing and a more enjoyable shopping experience online as well for those who love to shop and buy brand-name items for their home or new clothing and accessories.

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